7 Most Useful Tools in a Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army knives date back to 1886 when Swiss soldiers received knives for battle that contained multiple tools. Today, these knives are still popular, primarily because they are so useful.

Have you considered buying a Swiss Army knife? If so, you can choose from various types and price ranges. If you’re not sure if you’ll use it, you might want to learn more about the tools they come most of them have.

Here are seven of the most useful tools you can find with most Swiss Army knives.

1. Scissors

A classic Swiss Army knife always contains scissors. Having access to scissors is extremely handy for so many situations. While the scissors are small, they work well for cutting tags off clothing or opening plastic packages.

2. Screwdriver

The second handy tool you’ll find with a Swiss Army knife is a screwdriver. A screwdriver is something you might need for a quick car repair while you’re out.

You might also use the screwdriver to open a flashlight to replace the batteries. You can even use it to pop holes in things if you find yourself in need of something sharp.

3. Bottle Opener

One of the most popular Swiss Army knife tools you’ll find is the bottle opener. A bottle opener might not seem practical right now, but it will come in handy if you ever experience a time when you need to crack open a beer, pop, or can of food.

4. Saw

Most Swiss Army knives contain a small saw too. This saw might be small, but it has a sharp blade.

You might use it while you’re camping to cut small branches you need for a fire. You can also use it if you’re fishing, as it’s helpful to cut and scale fish.

5. Can Opener

A can opener is another tool you’ll see with most Swiss Army knives. If you ever lose power at your house or are camping, this tool is useful to have. With it, you can cut the bottom of a can right off.

6. Wire Stripper and Cutter

If you ever encounter a time when you need to make minor electrical repairs, you’ll be glad you have a wire stripper and wire cutter on your knife.

The wire stripper provides a way to strip a portion of the plastic off the wire. The cutter lets you cut right through it. If you encounter an electrical problem with your car, boat, or four-wheeler, you could easily fix it with these tools.

7. Tweezers

Finally, you’ll notice that most custom Swiss Army knives contain metal tweezers. Tweezers are tools you can use to remove splinters or unwanted hairs.

As you check out Swiss Army knives, you might also want to look at switchblades for sale, as these are also handy.

The Swiss Army Knife Equips You for Many Situations

If you ever experience a time when you need any of these tools, you’ll be glad you had a Swiss Army knife on you. These knives are ideal for men and women, and they can help you solve all kinds of problems.

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