What Is The IVR Software And Can You Benefit From It?

IVR Software

IVR software is one of the most popular customer service technologies all over the world, and all of us have at least once experienced the use of the IVR software. Nonetheless, many people, including experts, state that this software is outdated and inefficient and can’t do anything but annoy customers. Is this true? A little spoiler: it isn’t. 

But what is IVR software? How does it work and why should you use it? These vital questions will be answered in today’s topic.

What is IVR software?

IVR software is an interactive voice menu, a kind of voice robot, that is designed to provide customer service, manage call queues, route calls, and reduce inbound call volume. In most cases the IVR software is designed as a menu of numerous sections, and each of these sections is related to different aspects of your business that may be interesting for callers and customers. For example, the IVR software can have five menu sections, where section number one stands for “Payments”, section number two stands for “ Delivery info”, and so on. 

How does the IVR software work?

There are two main technologies that are used in the IVR software. First of all, most IVR software solutions are designed and based on the technology that is called dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF). This technology allows developers to link buttons on any mobile phone to the interactive menu of the IVR software. In other words, it works simply: each menu section is linked to an exact button on your phone. So, this technology is also limited in its capabilities – just because there are not too many buttons on your phone, there are only 0-9,#,*. DTMF is limited by these buttons because you’re interacting with the IVR software through a classic phone line. 

Another technology is called voice recognition technology, and it is even more simple. Customers just pronounce their request, and the system recognizes it, and routes call to the most relevant agent. 

Why do many people hate IVR  software?

There are many reasons why people seem to hate the IVR software, but most of these reasons can be explained by low professionalism and wrong decisions made by developers of those examples of the IVR software that are considered bad ones.

First of all, the IVR software can’t be appreciated by everyone. But in most cases, companies don’t give an option for customers to bypass the IVR. They do it because they are afraid that all customers will ignore the IVR system and there will be a great problem to deal with such an inbound call volume. Furthermore, the IVR software is a vital part of the call routing system. 

Secondly, most examples of the IVR menu designs are too long and waste too much of customers’ time before customers reach the agent. Another problem happens when customers can’t find relevant menu sections because either the menu is too difficult to navigate through or such a section just doesn’t exist. Especially it relates to the “call the agent” option, because some companies seem to be trying to hide it.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with the IVR software itself, it has received it’s negative reputation because of wrong use. But what is more important is how you can benefit from using the IVR software and we are going to tell you all the benefits it can offer you.

IVR software benefits

Even though the IVR software still has many enemies and opponents, you should never ignore the fact that this solution is one of the best self-service tools in the world, as well as it’s an irreplaceable tool for intelligent call routing.

Advanced call queue management

The IVR software is the only solution as it can help you to manage call queues efficiently. It is not a secret that many customers abandon their calls after waiting for a while, especially if during this waiting time you don’t interact with them in any way. Such customers don’t know whether they will be connected to a human agent nor when this will happen. The IVR software can resolve this issue because the IVR solution can remind customers about their place in the queue and estimated waiting time until they will be linked to a call center agent. Also, the IVR software can offer another great feature – IVR callback option. Such a callback can be ordered exactly when waiting in the call queue. Therefore, you will not lose those customers who really don’t have time for waiting a lot but need your service or even want to purchase from you.

Intelligent call routing

IVR software is the first tool that interacts with customers exactly after the first second of the call. This means that the IVR software can start collecting information about the customer and his or her request even before this call will be redirected to a call center agent. This is why intelligent call routing is possible only if you use the IVR software. What is meant by intelligent call routing? It’s call routing that is based on different criteria, for example, intelligent call routing can identify some important characteristics of a customer and their requests, such as language, nature of request, customer status, etc. Intelligent call routing is a great method to improve customer satisfaction, reduce average handling time, and improve first call resolution. When customers are connected to the most relevant agents from the early beginning their issues will be resolved faster too.

Where to get a great IVR solution?

VoIP Call Center Solutions from Voiptime Cloud can offer you an advanced IVR technology that will not only provide fast and personalized self-service to your customers, but also manage call queues and optimize your smart routing to improve customer satisfaction!

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