10 Unique Wedding Ideas

10 Unique Wedding Ideas

For you to have a colorful and successful wedding, you must be creative. Besides, no one wants to have a cookie-cut wedding. A personalised wedding welcome sign makes weddings look beautiful.

Ideas on unique weddings are abundant, and finding an inspirational idea is fun. It does not matter whether the décor is overall, inside, or an outdoor setting. Party ideas for weddings bring about special moments for both you and your guests.

Your wedding decorations, surprises, and activities for your guests can make a wedding ceremony memorable. The personality of the bride and groom will showcase at this point. Plus, this is the place where your friends and family participate in the party.

The following are ten wedding ideas that will make your celebrations unique.

Wedding Reception Ideas-DIY Cocktail Bar

The cocktail bar is an incredible way of involving your guests during an evening wedding. Prepare a bubbly bar for your guests.

Let the guests move around the set up to make their champagne cocktails. This simple way of serving them bubbly glasses enables them to mingle.

Wedding Music-Song Request RSVP’s

Invite your guest to participate actively. They can do so by requesting a song alongside their RSVP.

This aspect will save you time, allowing you to create the ultimate party playlist for the wedding. As a result, every guest will have a reason to rise and dance to their favorite tunes.

Alternatively, you can create your party list and let your guests add more songs directly. They will add, amend, or delete the list.

Video Guest Box

Do not use the traditional book for guests. Instead, interact with your guests. You can also decide to get a video kiosk. You could also prepare something straightforward through an iPad and a loud enough microphone.

DIY Confetti Bar

Also, you can go to a crafts shop to prepare a pre-wedding haul. Then guests can head for the confetti bar. They will make their packets confetti, shower the groom and the bride or take home.

Alternatively, you can make use of your confetti packets for photo prop photos. More so, ensure that you are stress-free during this time.

Party Tent- A Tipi for Live Entertainment

Hire a tipi if you want your wedding to be magical and festive-inspired. Getting a tipi ensures that your wedding will be atmospheric. Surprise your guests with a lit tipi and a live performance in a chill-out area. Fill the place with blankets and cozy furnishings.

Have a Themed-Party

Consider coming up with something new. Be more creative for your party, wedding shower, or rehearsal dinner. In case of a pre-wedding, some couples decide on pizza parties and movie nights.

Not putting into consideration the type of the bash, put on a unique dress code. Also, make sure the décor is exceptional and a setup that is suitable for the vibe.

Bear in mind that the moment is an opportunity for your guests to feel comfortable and excited.

Rock a Bold Color

Wearing white on your wedding day might not be necessary. Go bold and do a color that matches the theme of your wedding.

Colored weddings are not something new. Take a new trend because we are past those olden days when color did not matter.

Innovative Lighting

There are several options from which to choose your lighting. They include candles, string lights, and lanterns. If you want to be more creative, go for bold and unique options such as modern tube lighting, hanging basket lanterns, LED light signs, and modern tubing lighting, to mention a few.

Electric Table Décor

Mixing contradicting colors of a table brings about a breathtaking outcome. You can think of green leaves, red roses as well as an array of wildflowers. Additionally, bring in stemware in a varied hue. All these will work together to achieve a display so stunning.

Wood Plank Seating Chart

The set up includes natural wood. It has a stunning accent that welcomes guests at the reception. You can varnish it for a more inspiring reception. Also, add logs, moss, and natural fiber to make it more magic.