Buying A Wire Cutter? Must Read Before Buying

Buying A Wire Cutter

Let me tell you, at the outset, whether you’re fixing stuff at home or tackling big industrial projects, a wire cutter is your go-to option. You must agree with me that it is essential to handle those tricky wire situations. In fact, it’s your buddy for bending, grabbing, holding, cutting, and sorting out all sorts of wires.

Here we must remind you that picking the right tool is key as it makes your job easier. Let me add here that a wire cutter has its special thing for specific projects. But hey, there are some must-have features in a good wire cutter.

Wire Cutter

Check These While Buying

We must tell you if you are thinking of getting a cutter, be careful. After all, you will never want to add trash to your tool kit. But, fear not! Just make sure that your cutter has the following features:

Multitasking Magic: 

Firstly, make sure that you are not buying a stagnant cutter. Here we would advise you to get a multifunctional one and save yourself the trouble of buying a bunch of tools for different jobs.

Tough Material:

Do not forget to get a wire cutter made of strong stuff like nickel-chromium or pure stainless steel, you name it. Keep in mind that it must meet safety standards, too, so that you can tackle your tasks with ease.

Grip it Good:

Look for rubber grips. It keeps the cutter from slipping out of your hand and lowers the chance of getting zapped or jerked.

If your wire cutter checks all these boxes and helps you get stuff done, go for it!

Best Choices For You

IRWIN Wire Cutter

Let me tell you that this cutting tool is ANSI-certified, meaning it meets top-notch quality standards. Furthermore, you must know that it’s made of solid nickel-chromium, making it super strong and able to handle all sorts of damage.

Thanks to the heating induction technique, the stripper tip is razor-sharp and tough. You might be stunned to know that the construction is sturdy for regular use. Plus, the firm grip, clasping power, and machined jaws make it a top-notch tool that can grab onto any wires. With ProTouch gripping rubber, it won’t slip during use, and it keeps your hands from getting tired. Quality and comfort all in one!

Hakko Wire Cutter

If you are looking for premium quality, look no further than Hakko. Well, in case you do not know, let me inform you that this brand has earned fame for its premium soldering and desoldering tools. You might doubt this micro cutter for its size, but we must tell you that it cuts wires like cakes! That is only expected when you have a cutter with a  21° angle head.

Wait! That’s not all, as it will also be your ally in crimping and modifying small wires and even jewellery. Moreover, it is made up of heat-primed carbon material. So, your fear of durability is taken care of. 

IGAN Wire Cutter

You must agree with me that reliability is the key for cutters. Well, this wire cutter comes with a carbon-metal jaw with an angled cutter head. What else do you wish a cutter to have? If you are working in closed and tight spaces, then this has to be your ready choice. Furthermore, you can also work on jewellery using its 11 mmm cutting head. Isn’t that interesting enough?

Klein Tools Wire Cutter

Variety is the spice of life! Well, to bring you yet another quality wire cutter, let me present to you the one by Klein. You might be stunned to know that the distinct serrated nose is ideal for slitting, shaping, and bending cables. You also get precision-ground stripping holes. Well, that makes it a stunning deal for you. Isn’t it?

BOENFU Wire Cutter

You might complain that this device looks a bit old-fashioned, but don’t be fooled by its looks. If you are looking for a handy tool to shear, cut and nip any wire, then this is a handy choice. You might be stunned to know that this wire cutter boasts a vanadium-molybdenum-chrome alloy material for durability. Moreover, here you must know that its ergonomic handle enhances grip, while the middle portion features a loaded spring for added functionality.