The Best Free Programs and Websites for Converting Units and Currency

The Best Free Programs and Websites for Converting Units and Currency

Do you obsession to convert meters to feet often? Or, speedily locate out how the US dollar currently compares to the Euro? We have collected many convenient options for speedily and easily comport yourself unit and currency conversions, both online and offline.

Unit Chef

Unit Chef is the worlds favourite provider of online Internet foreign disagreement tools and facilities. Independent rankings consistently insist that more people and websites use their broad variety of currency tools than any others. They are involved in continuing their role as leaders and innovators in the foreign disagreement industry and are always excited to mount occurring subsidiary services that gain you. is a pardon and easy unit conversion promote that converts the most dexterously-liked units of disaffecting, temperature, volume, era, eagerness, lump, execution, density, pressure, animatronics, and many others. allows you to maintenance occurring front more than 25,000 unit conversions, amid re 1000 units, organized in 21 categories. It’s a rushed and easy to make a get bond of-of to quirk to convert measurements from one unit to substitute. is an online tool that allows you to convert on the order of everything to anything else. It contains on the summit of 5,000 units and 50,000 conversions.
They, in addition, paying pay for an online auto-converter that allows you to function conversions without having to choose a category or units from slip-by the side of menus. Simply enter a description of what you agonized feeling to convert, as shown below, and press Enter or click Go.

Online Unit Converter Pro

Online Unit Converter Pro is a forgive, online conversion application that allows you to convert surrounded by many alternating unit types as adeptly as provides the conversion factors for all the units in each category.

Digital Dutch

Digital Dutch is a user-closely online unit converter that is easy to get to use. Simply click on the order of the category in the region of the left and choose the units from the decrease-down lists in the From and To boxes. Enter the value to convert in the From shorten crate and the To value is automatically calculated.

Unit Converter

Unit Converter is a within buying your hands on an online tool for converting units. They have the funds for the venerated common converters taking into account Length, Area, and Volume. They moreover pay for specialized converters such as Engineering converters, Heat Converters, Fluids Converters, Light Converters, and more, as adroitly as a Currency Converter. is the ultimate resource for unit conversion. Use their pardon online unit converters to easily convert surrounded by every choice units of measurement. Simply pick the take possession of unit converter from the lists and enter the value to be converted in the From admittance box. Their categories and units search gives you results as you type.