Things To Know About The Wheel Of Fortune Host Vanna White’s Ex-Hubsnad George Santo Pietro

George Santo Pietro
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From the title, we can very much say that George Santo Pietro is the ex-husband of Vanna White, the host of The Wheel Of Fortune. In fact, Vanna White has been the host of that show since the early 1980s. Well, throughout her life, Vanna has seen a lot of things.

It’s worth noting that before she tied knots with George, she had a husband who tragically died in a plane crash. Her marriage with George Santo didn’t last as well because the duo decided to part ways.

So, in this article, we will talk about Vanna’s ex-husband George Santo Pietro. If you want to know a few things about the person and the relationship he shared with Vanna, then you are at the correct place.

Who Is George, The Ex-Husband Of Vanna From The Wheel Of Fortune

Of course, we know George Santo Pietro as the ex-husband of Vanna White from the popular show of the 80s. However, it’s also worth noting that people know her ex-husband George as an American real estate developer. But, even before going to that route, he had started out as a film director.

The man from California had produced a lot of TV shows. For example, a few noteworthy are L.A. Doctors, True Blood, Buffy, The Vampire Slayers, Alias, The Big Bang Theory, Two And A Half Man, and of course, Pushing Daises. Therefore we can see that he has produced a few remarkable TV shows.

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that Santos has also worked on a few movies. For example, The Good Place, Think Like A Man, and Muppet Most Wanted. However, it’s not until his marriage with the co-host of The Wheel of Fortune Vanna White that he came under the limelight.

Vanna-George Marriage & Kids

Well, now that we have briefly talked about George Santos Pietro’s career and whereabouts, let’s explore something more. For example, let’s talk about the personal life he shared with his ex-wife Vanna.

As per the reports, the couple tied knots in the year 1990, in the month of December. Moreover, it’s also worth mentioning that they share two children together. The names of their children are Nicholas, (1994), the son, and Giovanna(1997), the daughter.

Unfortunately, the duo couldn’t continue with their relationship so had to call it off. In other words, they ultimately decided to take a divorce in the year 2002.

Is Vanna The Ex-Wife Of George’s Dating Someone?

We know that Vanna White divorced his second husband George Santo Pietro for some reason. However, did you know that she’s currently dating contractor John Donaldson? In fact, the reports say that they are dating for almost a decade. Vanna and Donaldson first met in the year 2012.

Prior to her previous relationships with Donaldson and George, Vanna was married to California businessman Michael Kay. Currently, Vanna is enjoying a simple life with her boyfriend John. In fact, it’s worth mentioning that they do share two kids Nicholas and Giovanna.

George Santo Pietro Net Worth

George Santo Pietro, the ex-husband of Vanna has a lot of net worth. Considering the fact that he had a flourishing career as a film director, businessman, as well as owner of restaurants, he has amassed a large fortune.

As of now, the sources suggest that the man has around 14 million USD as net worth. In addition, he also had a lot of properties. Most of the net worth comes from his business and agent’s job. Moreover, we also can’t deny his Hollywood presence.