You Do Not Sacrifice Any Qualities In Cork And Rubber Floorings


Adaptable beautiful and functional rubber bathroom flooring enliven and extend safeguard against anti-skid calamity. Rubber maintains traction even in wet state. The rubber is durable, safe, easy to maintain and appealing. Rubber is resilient in wet state. It is water resistant so no molds and fungi. A soapy mop is all that is needed to clean it. While installing untidy adhesives are not required. Custom order rolls are spread out and secured through double-sided tape. The weight of the rubber keeps it from sliding or moving.  It is lasting. However, it is susceptible to dents and scarring.

In case of cork floor if properly looked after it stays intact for decades in high traffic regions. A regime of regular maintenance must be maintained. This must be supplemented with preventive measures for hazards to the floor. Damage and wear must be looked after. Cork floor needs good amount of care to make it last. With cork floor you need to be watchful to safeguard it against natural components chemicals and drag. A cork floor makes the room appear natural and integral.

Bathroom Rubber Flooring

Sweeping often and vacuum cleaning are the two activities that will keep it clean and without damage. This should be done 2-3 times a week. If there are pets in the house do it daily. Puny particles of dirt, dust and other debris if left unattended will scratch the surface when it gets underfoot.  Water should not be allowed to collect on the floor and spills wiped immediately.  For deep cleaning use a damp mop nicely wringed out to clean. This can be done once a month. PH-balanced detergent and mild soap is the best cleaning agent.

Some preventive methods include use of floor mats. Keep them at the entrance to the room so that shoes underneath can be cleaned prior to entering.  Region of the room where people stand for long time such as the kitchen sink place a mat.  Make sure mats are breathable and air keeps it dry. Wet mats will cause discoloration.

 Direct sunlight for extended time will discolour the cork floor. Use curtains drapes, window treatments and blinds to shade the room.  Alternately you can place furniture or appliances to prevent sunlight reaching the floor.

Pet nails can scratch the floor. The answer lies in keeping the pets well groomed. Get nails trimmed on regular basis. The firmness of the cork flooring is because of cellular honeycombs structure. In case furniture is dragged on the floor the structure will slit holes on the floor. Lift furniture and do not drag it.

Even for furniture like tables, beds, chairs, TV stand etc. make use furniture pads or felt cloth below the legs. Stick-on felt pads are popularly used. In case the ladies of the home wear high heels use padding on the tips of the heels. Else you take off your heels when you walk on cork floor.

Most cork flooring are sealed through polyurethane mix to safeguard it from water entry and staining agent. The sealing agent makes an invisible layer of the floor. The finishes wear off and need to be applied again every year of couple of years.