What Is The Price Of One Gallon Of Milk? Have A Look At The Prices In Different States

Gallon Of Milk

Milk is something that most of you might drink every day, right? Yes, it is a grocery staple for many people. However, the cost can fluctuate dramatically depending on where you live. So if you are wondering what the cost of a gallon of milk is, you can read through this article to learn about it. As per the USDA, the average gallon of whole milk is $3.59 a gallon. 

Needless to say, the price of milk nowadays has become pretty expensive. In fact, the average price of a gallon of whole milk in the United States has only risen 4% over the past year and a mere 1.4% since the beginning of 2021. 

Milk prices might not have skyrocketed like meat and gallons of gas; however, U.S retail prices for a gallon of milk have been edging higher for the past three years. So let us find out in this article various such aspects from where we will get to know more details about milk prices. 

Where Is Milk The Most Expensive?

Needless to say, milk is one of those foods we do not just consume directly but use to prepare several other foods. It makes the food tastier and increases the nutrition content of the food. So it is indeed a matter of concern if milk prices increase significantly. If you are wondering where you can get the most expensive milk on the market, let us share it with you. It comes fresh from Japan’s Nakazawa Foods for a whopping $43 a quart. This is more than 30 times the average cost of milk.

Well, according to the experts, this milk has special stress-relieving qualities. The secret behind its qualities is that the milk is taken from cows only once a week at dawn. At this time, they release higher levels of the hormone melatonin. These qualities are something that you require in milk, and this is what makes it the most expensive one. Here are some of the states where milk is the most costly:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Alaska
  3. Alabama
  4. Louisiana
  5. Mississippi
  6. Maine
  7. Texas
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Vermont
  10. Delaware

All of the above ten states pay over $3 for a gallon of milk. In fact, Hawaii, the most expensive state, has set the milk price to 5 bucks. Pretty expensive, don’t you think? Now let us look into the details of where milk prices are the cheapest.

Where Is Milk The Cheapest?

So long, we talked about the top ten states with the world’s most expensive milk. Well, now you must be curious to know about the states with the lowest milk prices. Therefore, we have summed up the top ten states where you can get a gallon of milk at a pretty cheap rate. Let us take a look!

  1. Illinois
  2. Connecticut
  3. Ohio
  4. Indiana
  5. Idaho
  6. Michigan
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Iowa
  9. New York
  10. Washington

So the above ten states are the ones that have milk prices below $2. As per the sources, Midwestern states seem to have a slight edge regarding milk prices. This also includes Dairy powerhouses in Wisconsin. 

How Were We Able To Determine The Rankings?

Many of you are probably curious how we could determine the rankings of all the above states where the milk prices are the most expensive and the cheapest. Well, we will share with you all the details regarding it. Ballotpedia determined the cost of one gallon of Great Value 2% Reduced Fat Milk at a Walmart located in each state’s capital. 

However, in the case of Alaska, whose capital, Juneau has no Walmart, we had to determine the data based on Anchorage. For your convenience, we have also provided a table that will provide you with complete data on the cost of one gallon of milk in each of the above states. 

But you must remember that all these prices reflect the cost of one gallon of Great value 2% Reduced Fat Milk at a Walmart located in the capital of these states. However, the prices may vary in other convenience stores, premium chains, and gas stations since Walmart often offer cheaper deals. 

Also, let us tell you that the data collectors chose Walmart, which was quite near the capital. Therefore, naturally, the more densely populated areas have higher prices than those in a sparsely populated areas. However, it is ultimately not a good dataset for analyzing personal expenses. Moreover, by now, you might be aware of how much a gallon of milk costs you. Let us see the table down below to get a more clear idea.

Have A Look At The Average Price Of Gallon Of Milk In Every State

State Cost

Alabama $3.75

Alaska $3.78

Arizona $1.98

Arkansas $2.99

California $2.69

Colorado $2.29

Connecticut $1.35

Delaware $3.19

Florida $3.07

Georgia $2.69

Hawaii $4.69

Idaho $1.69

Illinois $0.93

Indiana $1.49

Iowa $1.92

Kansas $1.99

Kentucky $2.19

Louisiana $3.65

Maine $3.48

New York $1.97

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that milk has been a staple food for humans for centuries. It is not just consumed directly; you can also prepare several delicious food items from it. However, if its prices increase drastically, it will be difficult for common people to purchase it in markets. Therefore, we hope that milk prices remain within reach of common men.

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