Is Anyone Up Website Still Exist? What Happened To Its Creator, Moore?

Is Anyone Up

One of the controversial and disgusting websites that ended up operating in 2012 is the ‘Anyone Up’ website. Hunter Moore is the one who created this porn website. On such a website, one can see nude and sexually explicit images and porn videos. This website even allowed people to submit nude photos and porn videos. But the police ceased the operation of this website in 2012 and sold its rights to the bullying group.

Is The Anyone Up Website Still Exist?

No, does not exist now, as the FBI ceased its operation after getting a complaint from the mother of a victim. But still, the concept of digital porn exists on the dark web and across social media sites. 

What Is Is Anyone Up?

Is Anyone Up was a porn site, and Moore created such a website in late 2010. On such a website, he posts stolen and hacked nude photos and videos of females. At first, Moore thought of creating a blog for his close friends. But later on, Moore and his friends started receiving nude photos of many women whom they dated. Then, Moore thought to upload such photos to his site without getting permission from women.

Once Moore started to upload these nude photos to a site, he got a huge response from people. Many users sent nude and stolen photos to Moore that were sexually explicit. Thus, he started posting all such photos along with the victim’s name and social media links. Furthermore, some people add nude images of their ex-partners and thus become the first revenge porn site.

Then, the site began to develop with many nude photos and porn videos. With the development of internet culture, the site started to upload nude photos of even aspiring actresses, school students, school teachers, and nurses. Finally, the site got more than 30 million monthly views.

Who Is Hunter Moore, And What Happened To Him Now?

During the popularity of the ‘Is Anyone Up’ website, Moore got a huge fan follower base. His followers are such people who are ready to go to any extent to grab the attention of Moore. One woman, a great fan of Moore, brushed her teeth after dipping a brush in a toilet. Likewise, Moore got terrific fan followers for his website. Based on the Netflix series, there are some highlights about Moore’s followers.

The main reason for getting such fan followers is Moore’s site handling. Moore usually posts any new image of a fresh victim and asks his users to talk about the picture. It can either be a praising or degrading talk of the users about the victim’s looks. Soon after Moore asks for comments, his followers will start flooding their comments, attacking the look of ‘Is Anyone up’ photos.

Though his website flooded huge amounts of money to Moore, he lost them through drugs and partying. Thus, he sold his server to CEO James McGibney of McGibney created several websites like


However, McGibney shut down the ‘Is Anyone Up’ website after understanding the real fact. But Moore planned to launch a new and terrifying version of the ‘Is Anyone Up’ website. He even named his new site the ‘King of Revenge Porn.’ However, he couldn’t achieve what he wanted to. This is because of the FBI’s arresting Moore for committing this crime.

Soon after the police arrested him, the ‘King of Reverse Porn’ became the main investigation. The reason behind the arrest is the Charlotte Laws, whose daughter, Kayla, was a victim of Moore’s site. Charlotte suggested someone in connection with Moore is the one who hacked many emails of people to get some personal content.

Charlotte submitted evidence from more than 40 victims of Moore’s site. Finally, they found the hackers to be Moore and Charlie Evans. In 2014, the FBI arrested Moore for the illegal activities like 

  • Hacking a protected computer 
  • Stealing nude photos of females without their permission

Though Moore pleaded guilty in court, he was sentenced to two and a half years in federal prison. Following this, he needs to serve three years of supervised release. During his life in prison, he needs to undergo mental health evaluation. Due to his worst act, his Facebook account is not active. 

Finally, in 2017, Moore came out of prison and thus, maintains a low profile now. However, he created a Twitter account in 2022, which is also banned for his tweet.

What Is Netflix Series Based On Moore’s Story?

Netflix released a documentary series, ‘ The Most Hated Man on the Internet.’ It is about Hunter Moore and his website, ‘Is’ It is a three-part series showing Moore’s story and his illegal site.

In this series, one can see the interviews of people on the ‘Is Anyone Up site’. Amongst them, one is Destiny Benedict, and she is the butthole girl of the ‘Is Anyone Up site.’

Destiny teamed up with Moore to gain some popularity. She wanted to pursue her career in Webcam. However, she started sending nude photos to Is Anyone Up site. She also did this to get more traffic to her modeling profile.

But how she got this name Butthole Girl? Based on the series, Destiny, with her friends on Webcam, performed an intimate sex act. She took a screenshot of such acts to send to Is Anyone Up site. Thus, she got the name Butthole Girl – Is Anyone Up site.

At present, Destiny is working as an online content developer related to adult facts. Moreover, one of her statements is that she never got any money for working with Moore, but he only gave her a T-shirt.

The Bottom Line:

This is about the most hated man on the internet, Hunter Moore. To get some interesting facts about his banned site, read this article.

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