Why the Best Barbecue Rub Makes the Difference in Grilling

Barbecue Rub

When was the last time you went to a steakhouse or had ribs or brisket prepared in a smoker at a backyard barbecue? It’s probably been a few months since you’ve had any backyard gatherings as the weather turned colder, but that time is coming very soon.

Summer is grilling and barbecue season and the summer holidays provide a great opportunity to enjoy the many flavours, the mouth-watering types of meat, and the company of family and friends that make the meals that much sweeter.

To make your meals that much enjoyable, you want the Best Barbecue Rub that brings out the best in your grilled and smoked meats, something that perfectly adds to the natural flavours of the meat and makes the taste unforgettable.

Why does having the best barbecue rub matter?

For one, a great barbecue rub makes a big difference in the flavour. The meat you place on the grill or inside the smoker is already loaded with natural flavours and that can enhance the flavour as is…but you like spicy. You like sweet. You like hot and juicy meats fresh from the barbecue that have that little extra kick.

Choosing the right barbecue rub is not just about the flavour you get. It’s also about the ingredients. At Casa M Spice Co™, the barbecue rubs are made from all natural ingredients, are gluten free and contain no fillers. All of the flavours from Casa M Spice Co™ are influenced by Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern cuisine, known for the mixture of spicy and sweet flavors and using each ingredient to enhance the flavor, whether it is the heat and spiciness from the ground chiles or the sweetness of sugar and brown sugar that helps to create the perfectly crispy bark on the outside of your meats.

At Casa M Spice Co™, there are different spice rubs for different types of meat that gives the best flavour profile with each specific meat. For brisket, black pepper and onion are mixed with the ground chiles and the base of salt, pepper, and paprika for a delicious blend that is both sweet and spicy. For chicken, adding sugar and brown sugar to those other spices creates a sweet and tasty, crispy skin on the outside of your chicken. For pork, ginger complements the sugars for a sweet taste and a crispy outer bark when smoking. For the lamb, earthy and aromatic spices complement the meat nicely. For fish, dill weed, black pepper, and shallots bring out the natural flavours of your favourite seafood dishes.

Whatever meat you are preparing, you know you can always spice it up and get those great flavours from the best barbecue rub with Casa M Spice Co™. At the heart of great barbecue is the flavour and at Casa M Spice Co™, great flavour is what makes great food. It is about that special bond you share with those around you when you enjoy a meal, and when it tastes good and the flavour can’t be beaten, it creates more enjoyment at the dinner table.

That is why Casa M Spice Co™ has presented these flavours to its customers after nearly two decades of experimentation and perfection in preparing these blends and finding the right balance and right flavours. It is about sharing these flavours from their table to yours, so you can enjoy the great flavours and make great memories with your family. Try all of the spice blends to find your favourite and be sure to pick up refills on them all so you can keep enjoying the many flavours every time you grill at any time of year.