Staying Motivated as a Sales Representative

Staying Motivated as a Sales Representative

Even the finest printing salespeople find it difficult to keep focused and motivated when faced with a constant barrage of negativity and business issues. We’ve seen marketers use every approach imaginable, from motivational literature to daily meditation. Self-motivation, regardless of strategy, is always more long-lasting and persistent than external motivation.

Unfortunately, there is no magic elixir that will keep salesmen motivated. Salespeople must remain motivated to embrace change and press ahead to success as the printing and communications industries evolve.

What Exactly is Motivation?

Motivation is a process that we establish within ourselves to help us achieve our objectives. Our goal is to increase sales and please customers. Outside influences such as terrible employers, a lousy economy, client rejection, and unrelenting competition can all have an impact on our motivation levels. Regardless of external circumstances, there is plenty of evidence that salesmen can control their own levels of motivation.

You Are Only as Excellent As Your Previous Year’s Performance.

Salespeople are expected to perform at a high level year after year, according to owners and managers.

Failures Far Outnumber Achievements in Sales.

A great salesperson may only succeed in three of every ten new sales calls.

It’s Difficult to Deal With Constant Rejection.

Even seasoned salespeople can be discouraged by high failure rates. Many people’s enthusiasm for graphic arts sales stems from their own achievements. I’ve only seen a few extremely motivated printing salespeople repeatedly fall short of their quota.

Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated in Sales

A good sales manager will do everything possible to keep their team motivated and selling, but even the finest sales manager can’t motivate you 24 hours a day. Top-tier salesmen are self-sufficient and know how to market even when things aren’t going well. You can use the following techniques to inspire yourself.

Set Specific Objectives

Yes, you will almost probably be given quotas by top management. There is no need, however, to let those quotas dictate or limit your potential. Examine your previous performance, consider how much money you’d like to take home in your next commission check, and create a particular target for yourself.

Keep an Eye on Your Activities

Your sales numbers may be low this week, but if you remember that you’ve done 300 cold calls, you’ll feel better about the fact that you’re putting in the work and will soon be rewarded with success.

If you go back through your data and see that you only made five cold calls all week, you’ll have a better idea of why you’re not succeeding and how to improve it.

Mini-goals Should be Chosen

Setting a goal of 500 sales for this quarter is a wonderful start, but it doesn’t give you much to work towards in the short term. You should also set smaller, more easily attainable goals so that you can experience a sense of accomplishment as you progress toward your final goal.

It could be as simple as breaking down your major goal into smaller chunks, such as aiming for 40 sales per week to ensure you meet your ultimate goal. Setting activity-related goals, such as sending out 20 thank-you cards every Thursday, is another option.

Make a Promise to Yourself to Reward Yourself

Decide how you’ll reward yourself when you achieve one of your little – or major – objectives ahead of time. Dinner at your favorite fine dining establishment? A round of golf in the afternoon? Taking the whole family to the ballpark? A romantic trip to the beach on your own? Choose something you like or know you’ll love, and achieving your objectives will be that much sweeter.

Don’t be a Procrastinator

Putting off the unpleasant aspects of your job will simply exacerbate the situation. If you have a task that you dread, complete it first thing in the morning. You’ll not only feel a lot better once it’s finished, but you won’t have to worry about it all day. Plus, once you’ve completed a difficult task, everything else will appear to be trivial in contrast.

Keep Your Victories in Mind

Write down a summary of your achievement and post it on the wall or the side of your computer display whenever you accomplish anything spectacular, whether it’s completing five sales in one day or convincing your competitor’s biggest customer to buy from you instead. Look over your record of past triumphs when you’re feeling down, and remind yourself that the next great success is just around the corner.

Break Down Large Projects Into Manageable Parts

It can be intimidating to sit down with a 50-page lead list for the first time. So, rather than thinking, “I have to call 600 strangers right now,” break the job down into smaller chunks. Perhaps you do some short research on the first ten names, phone them, and then take a few minutes to do something else. You’ll stay fresh and have a lot more energy to apply to each work if you switch tasks on a regular basis during the day.

Tips to Hire The Best Sales Representative

So you’ve found your ideal prospect. You’re all set to employ. Follow your checklist of critical actions before making an offer. (If you don’t already have one, make one.) Here are some suggestions for what to include:

  • To verify income, ask to view their W2s from the previous three years.
  • Examine the performance of previous sales managers.
  • Look into different sources, like pay stubs.
  • Verify the facts they’ve given you about their ability to sell in whatever manner you can.