The rise of Fitness apps in the modern world

fitness apps

We all know how important it is to prioritize our mental, physical and emotional well-being; however, doing this may feel like a full-time job, considering our bustling daily routines. Focusing the flow of detrimental energies that follow from stress, needs to be streamlined in a positive direction; making sure it causes no harm to your body or those around you. Incorporating various exercises in your daily routine and eating nutritious food will not only aid in keeping your body healthy but also has the tendency to boost immunity and release happy hormones;  ensuring the tranquility of the mind.

Thankfully, we’re living in the 21st century, surrounded by technology that succors in reaching physical fitness goals much easier. With the advent of ubiquitous gadgets and mobile applications being rapidly developed, the fitness industry has seen great investment and advancement in a short span of time. According to thesis writing help websites, extensive research regarding human anatomy and nutrition has further aided in customizing fitness plans, catering to individual requirements.

Modern Fitness apps

The nature of mobile discourse has evolved drastically throughout the decades; bringing changes in its function and uses by the highly-tech savvy consumers. Many thesis writers in Pakistan refer to our generation as being ‘mobile addicted’, scrutinizing our dependence on this electronic gadget throughout the course of our lives. This mobile addiction may be egregious to our health in discrete levels, but the unprecedented fitness applications being developed for the users are proving to be immensely potent and expediential; keeping fitness-related tasks just a click away.

The sea of mobile-friendly fitness apps is exploding with advanced technology that helps in tackling all potential problems that might be caused on your fitness journey; customized health plans, goal tracking, extensive nutritional information, etc. The most widely used and highly rated fitness apps have been compiled below:

  1. My-fitness Pal

The developers of this app made it highly convenient and user-friendly; making it extremely popular among the masses and placing it as the #1 ranked fitness application. Providing nutritional information regarding 5 million different foods, recording your daily physical activity and keeping count of your daily calorie intake, this app has it all!

  1. Headspace

The application aims to help you de-stress, by providing a wide range of meditation practices, ensuring peace and composure. It also has an option of ‘my packs’ that help you deal with other notions; acceptance, self-love, forgiveness. It is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from depression and anxiety, as the exercises target relaxation of the mind.

  1. Sleep cycle

Sleep is an essential part of maintaining a healthy life; balancing hormones, healing muscles and relaxation of the body. In our hectic lives, it is extremely difficult to maintain a good sleeping schedule, getting us a healthy amount of sleep on a daily basis. The ‘sleep cycle’ is one such application that calculates your time in bed and quality of sleep; allowing you to make amendments accordingly. It also stores data regarding your physical activities of the day and your level of tiredness because of that.

  1. Charity Miles

Ever thought of donating money by simply walking? ‘Charity miles’ is an application that generates charity to the chosen organization for every mile you walk, run or ride a bicycle. Such a great cause affiliated with this app has encouraged a lot of individuals to make it a part of their daily lives.

  1. Fooducate

Don’t we all want an app that gives us all the nutritional details of the food we eat? That’s exactly what ‘Fooducate’ does. It has a library of 250,000 barcodes which allow you to scan your food and get all the nutritional facts about it. The app also gives you a personalized nutrition grade according to your own meal plan, based on your goal weight.

  1. 8 fit

This application has the option of customizing your workouts and develops meal plans based on what’s best for your BMI and heart rate. If you’re a person who wants to shed pounds but can not find the time to incorporate lengthy hours of workouts in your day, then, HIIT workouts are what you need. Many variations of such HIIT workout are available on these apps to train all those who need assistance in weight loss.

  1. Lose it

A one-stop for all your fitness concerns, the ‘lose it’ app is one of a kind. It provides a goal-oriented setup, enabling individual users to uniquely benefit from it. Initially, you are requested to add your goal and current weights and then, meal plans and workouts are provided accordingly. It also has an option that allows you to add your daily food intake; keeping track of your calorie count to reach that ideal goal weight. You can also set up reminders for hourly water consumption and routine exercises so that you don’t deviate from your fitness journey.

  1. Happify

The everlasting stresses in our lives cause us to become extremely anxious and pessimistic in nature. The aim of this application is to divert our negative energies into a positive direction, through various tasks and mental exercises every day. It reminds us to stay positive by practicing notions of savoring, thanking, aspiring and empathizing in our everyday lives.

  1. Health tap

We all wish to have an app that connects us to a doctor, in times of our personal health concerns. Health tap is one such app that has made our wishes come true by registering a panel of expert doctors and allowing patients to directly pose questions at them. This is made possible by the option of video or voice calls; acting as a bridge between the doctor and patients. Searching your symptoms online can result in receiving misinformation, while on the other hand, the presence of professional doctors affiliated with this application ensure transfer of valid bits of advice and treatments to patients.

  1. Instant heart rate

This is a mobile heart rate monitor which tracks your heart rate with great accuracy and provides you with an informative report regarding it. This portable heart rate monitor has proved to be extremely useful for people with serious heart conditions; who’re strictly prohibited from getting involved in tasks that cause constraints and so, need to constantly keep a check of their heart rates.

There is no doubt in the fact that technology has had profound effects on the fitness industry, making it extremely accessible; getting a fitness trainer or a customized meal plan is just an application away. The product of many such fitness apps and gadgets has birthed a new meaning to the word ‘fitness’, which is not just restricted to our physical well- being, but equally important in keeping our mental health sound. Along with this, it has annihilated the idea of superficially attaching fitness to being thin or skinny, rather, preaching the idea of being stronger in our own bodies and making it a symbol of self-love.