Which Type of Washing Machine is the Best?

Washing Machine

Washing machines deserve a great deal of appreciation. These machines have relieved everyone who had to previously wash dozens of clothes regularly, a tedious task that consumes a lot of energy and quality time that you could probably be investing in enjoying with your family or friends.

This blog will guide you through special considerations that you may find helpful if you’re about to get a washing machine on rent in Jaipur. Rental rates start from around ₹600 per month, and they could range up to ₹1000 each month. We suggest you ask for specific quotes from the washing machine dealers in furlenco, rentomojo, etc. The instant reply is ensured usually within 30 minutes. It is that simple.

Varieties of machine machines

It is a crucial responsibility of each householder to choose a suitable washing machine otherwise, he may end up spending unnecessary money on everyone’s clothes while availing the laundry and dry cleaning services. We usually come across two types of washing machines in the market – top load and front load. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both types so that it becomes easy for the readers to select the best-fit washing machine for their daily needs.

  • Top Load – Top load washing machines represent the vintage models that have been in use for around six decades. As we open the lid, a tubular bucket or agitator is placed in the middle. This facilitates the cleaning process. This agitator swishes against the garments and cleans them using water-mixed cleansing agents as the wash cycle begins. Top load machines are affordable and get the wash completed in a decent time. But apart from this, there are many drawbacks. These models are not eco-friendly. Top load models end up using the amount of water thrice as would’ve been required by front-load models. Thus the user needs to pay hefty electricity and water bills. Sometimes the agitator’s action seems to be too harsh for the clothing. Lastly, it is difficult to insert and take out heavy items like blankets from inside these washing machines.
  • Front-load – Front-load washers appear to be a popular choice among people who are looking to avail a washing machine on rent in Chennai. This is because of the premium quality wash as the machine does not rely on agitating action. Instead, the clothes are rubbed with one another to loosen off the dust and grit. Many advantages crop up as these machines use 1/3rd of the water compared to top load washers. These are ideal for cleaning oversized items like sleeping bags, comforters, blanket covers, etc. These machines are fully automated, so the user does not need to worry about loading water and detergent time and again. Also, these washers are less noisy, and the clothes life-cycle considerably improves if they are washed in front load washing machines. However, we can spot two difficulties. These machines take a longer time to clean and as they use small quantities of water, it is better not to pack the entire system with too many clothes at a time.


Washing machines have become an integral part of modern housing solutions. There are many factors to consider before buying a perfect washer. It must come within the budget and still be able to deliver the optimum output as expected by the user.