Stranger Things Pizza Of The Surfer Boy Has Become Quite Viral

Stranger Things Pizza
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The recent season four of the Stranger Things has become quite famous. We had action, drama, and lots of crazy stuff as well. However, there’s one thing that has caught the attention of the fans is the Stranger things pizza. Yes, we are talking about the famous pizza of the character argyle. 

The fictional pizza chain Surfer Boy has become so popular among fans. Even though the fourth season has ended, fans can’t stop their craving for the Surfer Boy pizza. 

Well, if you are one of them, then you don’t have to worry. Now at Walmart and other places, we can finally get the pizza. Those of you who called the Stranger things pizza number on the show but couldn’t get the actual pizza, you have a chance to eat the real thing.

So, if you want to know more about this pizza, then you should go through this article. Here we will tell you everything that you need to know about the pizza of the surfer boy.

An Overview Of Argyle’s Pizza In Stranger Things

Argyle's Pizza In Stranger Things
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So, as a lot of you already know, in the 4th season of the show, we have a new character called Argyle and he runs a pizza chain Surfer Boy. The fans already know the amount of importance that this pizza chain has on the story. However, there’s one thing that has struck the fans the most is the pizza number displayed on the back of the pizza van.

If you call that number, then an automated voice of the stranger things pizza guy, Argyle will play. It’s not the first time that Stranger Things has introduced something like this. For example, in the previous season of the story, Netflix set up a number of Murray aka Bald Eagl3. If you had called the number, then it’d led to Murray answering the call with a long message.

So now, the fans have discovered a similar eastern egg, and this time, it’s the number of the surfer boy pizza chain. You can see the official number of this pizza chain on the back of the pizza back as we mentioned. For those who want to know the number, it’s 805-457-4992. 

Perhaps that’s the reason why argyle stranger things pizza is trending. While we know that it’s a fictional pizza chain, fans just want to try out argyle’s pizza. Well, not to worry anymore because now you can actually enjoy the pizza with your friends and family. 

Where To Get Stranger Things Pizza?

Get Stranger Things Pizza
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Well, it’s worth noting that Netflix is continuing its viral marketing of the ST Pizza. Now that the final season of Stranger Things is around the corner, you can try out the pizza from your local areas. For example, if you search Stranger Things pizza Walmart, then you will find out that they are selling pizzas.

Yes, Walmart has Surfer Boy’s pizza exclusively for Stranger Things fans. Needless to say, fans are loving the Walmart Stranger Things pizza a lot. Apart from that, you can also find pizzas from elsewhere. 

For instance, The Palermos pizza in Milwaukee city of Wisconsin has tied up with Netflix to sell the Surfer Boy pizzas. Talking about the pizza Palermo’s, let us tell you that the director of marketing of Palermos, Mr. John Leonardo also felt that it was a no-brainer for them to advertise Surfer Boy Pizzas. 


  • Stranger Things Pizza Where To Buy?

Walmart has Surfer Boy pizza of Stranger Things. Moreover, it’s also true that at Palermo’s, you can also try out this pizza. 

  • Where To Buy Stranger Things Pizza?

One can purchase the Stranger Things Pizza at Walmart. You can finally eat to your heart’s content. 

  • Where Can I buy Stranger Things Pizza?

You can buy Stranger Things Pizza at Walmart or from Palermos. 

  • Where To Get Stranger Things Pizza?

One can get Stranger Things Pizza from Palermos and Walmart. 

  • Where Can I Get Stranger Things Pizza?

You can get the Pizza from the Surfers Boy or Argyle’s pizza from either Walmart or Palermos.

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