MovieBox Pro: What Is It Exactly And Is It Safe For You?

MovieBox Pro

In this digital world, watching movies and web series has become a really easy thing for us. With so many subscription-based platforms out there, it’s really amazing how the industry offers us a plethora of movie and series selections. In fact, those are very budget-friendly as well as accessible. However, there are times when we see that some contents aren’t accessible to us. 

For example, a movie may face some form of ban due to explicit scenes or some other means which may hurt the sentiments of the people of a country. In that case, resorting to torrent or other forms of sites and apps isn’t an alien thing. In fact, nowadays downloading movies through torrent has become a daily thing for people. Therefore, in addition to the torrents, we see an abundance of free movie apps as well, like MovieBox Pro. 

In this article, we will talk about MovieBox pro, and what sort of an app is it. In fact, we will also discuss if it’s completely safe for you to use. So, give this a read if you want to know about MovieBox pro.

A Bit On MovieBox Pro

So, people who use applications to watch movies and web series for free might know about MovieBox. It was a free application that provided unlimited movie content as well as web series, documentaries, shorts, and much more. However, that application didn’t see many days, as the developers discontinued it after 2018. So, MovieBox Pro is like a replacement for its predecessor. 

So, how’s it different from the MovieBox app? Well, the MovieBox application used a Bittorrent client that downloaded large files of the movies in small fragments into the devices of the users. Thereafter, it combined all of the data to provide cohesive data of the complete movie or series.

However, MovieBox pro on the other hand, according to the official site, does not completely rely on the torrent process, but there’s no way to verify this, as the developers didn’t say anything that could potentially support the statement. 

Feature Of MovieBox Pro

Well, it has an unlimited section of movies and TV shows. In fact, with over 15,000 selections of movies and shows, this application is really popular among fans. 

Moreover, you can also get the subtitles of your content. In addition, if the content has dual audio, then you can switch between them. Most importantly, it also supports all sorts of resolutions. If you are running low on data, then you can switch to the 360p version, or if you have an unlimited data plan, then you can stream the content at HD quality as well. 

Moreover, you can also stream the content online or save it for offline watch. Furthermore, there’s good news for the users who are willing to pay subscriptions as well. They will get unlimited high-resolution content and an ad-free viewing experience as well. 

So, in a nutshell, it offers:

  • A wide selection of movies and shows.
  • Supports all sorts of resolutions.
  • Stream HD content.
  • Ad-free experience with a VIP subscription.
  • Save for offline watch.
  • User-friendly interface.

Where To MovieBox Pro Download APK?

This application is available on the official website for this. It’s really simple to MovieBox Pro Download APK. Moreover, it’s absolutely compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so there’s no problem with its availability. In addition, if you have a VIP subscription for this app, then you can also play it on the Chromecast or Apple TV as well. Most importantly, you don’t need to root any device to run the application. 

What’s The Reason For Its Appeal Among The People?

Well, there are reasons why this application has become such a popular app among people. In fact, it has managed to capture the hearts of the people so much that they aren’t looking for any risk considerations, and downloading it outright. So, what makes it so popular? Let’s check out. 

1. Absolutely Free Content To View

It’s not rocket science to understand that if a person can get something cheaper, then why hesitate? More so, if they can get the content without paying a single buck, then that’s like winning a lottery. This is exactly the same case with MovieBox Pro apk users. So, they can watch any content on the medium, be it a movie or a tv show, they can watch it absolutely free of cost. Moreover, this app also offers decent resolution for starters as well. Of course, you can make it even more eye-catching with some extra cash, and become a VIP user. However, that price is obviously not as high as other subscription-based platforms. 

2. Download Content With Sheer Speed

So, this app, MovieBox pro, use a different sort of network called Content Delivery Network to download stuff. Therefore, it’s really a breeze when it comes to downloading heavy and large files. Moreover, this CDN has many servers from a lot of different locations, therefore, these factors help the network to download the files quite easily. You have probably also heard of this before, like Cloudflare, Cloudfront, KeyCDN, etc., also uses the service of CDN. 

3. User-Friendly And Easy

As we said earlier, there’s a reason why people love apps with easy and cool user interfaces. Moreover, since it comes in the form of an app, there’s more reason for its appeal and popularity. People are so busy these days, therefore, they want to watch that cool new episode while traveling. 

Unfortunately, a person cannot carry a computer all the time during daily travels. Therefore, having an app version comes really handy to attract a mass of people.  Furthermore, it’s so user-friendly that the developers made this application pretty much organized. With just a few simple clicks, you can watch your favorite shows. In fact, it’s kind of similar to famous paid streaming apps. 

What About The Safety Of This Application?

Now, people do ask this question a lot whenever they download an app. Well, it’s better to be safe while using an application when it isn’t verified. So, is it safe? Well, let’s check out. 

  • Unidentified Sources For Content

It’s not clear from where the application streams the content. Whether it’s from the original distributor or from some other means, we have no clue about that. Moreover, since it uses CDN, there’s a possibility that the data comes from a lot of different host sources and servers. Therefore, you won’t even know whether it’s legal or not.

  • Requirement Of A Google Account To Use VIP Features

So, this application requires your Google id to provide all the premium experience and features. Therefore, you have to sign in and verify your data, and identity. However, there’s a plus side to this, as there’s a feature where it offers data recovery. Therefore, it will save history as well. So, even if you uninstall the app, you can still access your list afterward. 

  • Giving The Personal Data

There’s another risk of getting your personal data leaked out. Depending on how you use the app, it can use and get some of your user data. For example, the billing information, credit card details, and contact pieces of information. 

In fact, when you are opting for the VIP experience, this app can get that data. In addition, there’s a risk that they can get your e-mail address as well. Moreover, it can also detect your IP address if you don’t use a VPN. 

  • It’s Not Available On Play Store or Appstore

So, this is another downside, however, you probably expect these from almost all types of illegal movie apps. Since it’s not available in the official stores, there’s always a risk that it can bring some malware into your devices. 

Moreover, be sure to download from the official website of this app. There are many websites out there that provide the apk link. In many cases, it can bring some dangerous virus to our device. 

Final Thoughts:

All in all, this application is pretty good in its all right. It’s user-friendly as well as has a varied list of content for absolutely free of cost. Therefore, if you don’t want to use any legal medium, and want to watch movies for free, then it’s for you. However, it’s not ‘completely’ safe for all those above reasons. In any case, those risks are what you have to take if you want to experience free content on the internet.