What To Do After A Ride-sharing Accident Case?

Ride-sharing Accident Case

The ride-sharing apps have changed the way people commute across the United States! It has made it easier to move from one place to the other. However, there are multiple reports of ride-sharing car accidents as well. 

You might not know that the actions you take after such an accident matter most, irrespective of you being a pedestrian or passenger. Every car accident is messy and brings challenging aspects to deal with. You need to do a few things after a ride-sharing car accident that will make sure you get the deserved compensation. Here are a few things to do. 

Report the accident to the authority and police

The court might not consider police reports as evidence in the civil lawsuit, but it is essential to pursue compensation. When the accident occurs, you need to call the police and request an officer on the scene. As they reach, they will document the entire accident scene and record essential car crash details. 

The details comprising the witness names, traffic conditions, and diagrams might be easy to forget. Hence, when you file a lawsuit or an injury claim, your lawyer can depend on the accident report while conducting their investigations. If you want, you can talk to Flagler Personal Injury Group about your ride sharing accident case

You should also report the same to the ride-sharing app or authority! It might help you to seek cash from the ride-sharing app’s insurance policy. Also, the insurance provider might decide to oppose you if there isn’t any formal accident record. 

Document relevant data and the accident

Your memory of the ride-sharing accident might fade with time! You might find it challenging to recall how and where the accident happened. Hence, spend some time taking images of the accident and other cars involved. 

You should document the damage and take pictures of the accident scene from multiple distances and angles. You might come across details essential to your case. It would be best if you didn’t restrict yourself to the images of the accident scene. You should also take pictures of the injuries. Go ahead and talk to other passengers and witnesses. You can ask for their account and contact. Any evidence that you collect will help you. Your attorney can use all that you have collated and use it in their investigation. 

Don’t negotiate or accept offers before speaking with your attorney

Ride-sharing accidents can get complex as there are many parties involved. There is the ride-sharing cab driver, the insurance companies, and the negligent third parties. Everyone will try to point fingers at one another. 

If the ride-sharing driver is at fault, the liability will depend on how they used the ride-sharing app during the crash. That means negotiating for a settlement might be challenging. It’s a smart call to allow an expert attorney to manage the discussions with other insurance companies and parties. It will enable you to stay secured and prevent the insurance organizations from driving down your claim value. 

An expert personal injury lawyer will, in a way that he or she maximizes your compensation and hold the liable parties accountable for the injuries for the ride-sharing car accident.

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