Urlebird: Watch and Download TikTok Videos Online 2024


Urlebird is the top TikTok app for following your favourite streaming channels. Everything from breaking news and popular videos to live streams from your favourite musicians, influencers, and creators is available. In this article we will discuss what it is, how it works as well as its pros and cons.

Urlebird: TikTok Online Viewer

It is a mobile app that allows you to watch TikTok videos in your smartphone. It’s a perfect means of catching up about what you miss when you were working or to keep yourself busy while you wait for anything else.

It can be used in two ways. You may access it through the App Store or a browser. If you wish to view many videos at the same time, the first choice is somewhat more visible, but the other is easier to use and quicker.

The app allows several features, including the ability to post comments, save video for later viewing, and share them with others. It’s worth a try if you’re searching for a fun means of spending your free time.

Why Use Urlebird?

Users may watch their favorites TikTok videos on this web viewer without ever leaving the app. The software is usable on both Android and iOS smartphones and has a basic, user-friendly layout. 

You get a collection of your most recent videos when you first access it. To start viewing a video, press it or scroll through the list. You can hit the “Save” button in the upper left corner of the screen to download a video for later viewing.

You could view it on all of your registered devices without signing in again if you have more than one. Also, you can control playing with voice commands through the app if you don’t want to touch your smartphone.

You probably use your phone a lot, like the majority of people. Phones have taken over our life, whether it’s for social media updates, browsing through newsfeeds, or viewing photos and videos. What about people who choose not to use standard applications, though? There are several variations of app viewers available, yet which one is ideal for you?

One of the more recent app viewers, it is specifically made for TikTok users. You will feel right at home with it if you are familiar with this well-known social networking app. It provides a clear layout that makes browsing your feeds simple. It also offers features that add to the pleasure of viewing videos.

For instance, you could improve the look of your video by adding filters. Moreover, it includes live streaming options for you as well. Without leaving the app, you may instantly enable or disable live feeds.

Steps to Use Urlebird

This app is what you need if you want to view your favourite TikTok videos while offline. You could browse your videos with this online viewer without needing to be on the internet.

Install the application from the ITunes Store and Google Play first before using it. Once the app appear on your phone, click on it to open. Now sign in with your account and if you don’t have one then register using your email and password. After that, you may choose which videos you wish to watch.

Tap a video to open it in Urlebird to view it. By moving the play button around after the video has begun to play, you can decide which portion you wish to view. Click the “X” icon with in bottom right to stop watching it

Advantages and Disadvantages of Urlebird

You could view TikTok clips on your phone with this free app. Although the app offers many benefits, some drawbacks should be taken into account before installing.


  1. The application is completely free to download and use.
  2. You can access any TikTok videos and save them without having to close the app or the web version of the app.
  3. The app is free from any adverts. All you need to do is download and login with your account to start using it.


  1. Not all device support this application.
  2. You can only use the Urlebird app on iOS and Android smartphones.
  3. Sometimes you will not be able to save the videos offline due to compatibility issues.

Thing to Consider When Using Urlebird

Users could look at videos on the TikTok app without leaving it by using this web viewer. It is a great option if you want to escape from your typical day’s activities or are searching for things to do as you await for your other duties to finish. There are several things you should think about, though, before using it.

The most important thing is to make sure it has the clip you want to view. It’s since not all videos work with this player, and the app will reject a video if it doesn’t support it. 

Moreover, make sure your phone has enough battery capacity if you’re using it on an iPad or an iPhone because videos use a lot of battery power. Lastly, be aware that the app is ad-supported and that the videos you view probably contain advertising.

Use a different viewer, like Viki or Pluto TV, if you don’t like ads and want to disable ads from your viewing experience.

How to Get Better At Making #TikTok Videos?

Here are some ideas to help you succeed if you want to improve your TikTok game:

  1. Start with the fundamentals. Before trying new feats, it is vital to have a clear understanding of how to operate the programme. By doing this, you’ll be capable of knowing how things actually work and make better choices while making videos.
  2. Be imaginative. There is no one ideal method to create a TikTok video, so try out various camera angles, filter, and effects to see what suits you the most.
  3. Be brave. If you’re up for the challenge, add risky actions or hilarious accents to your video for an extra layer of enjoyment.
  4. Exercise, exercise, exercise! Your results will improve the more you photograph and upload. You’ll be able to make truly original TikTok films that others will enjoy with time and effort.

Final Verdict

You could watch TikTok videos online with #Urlebird & give them to others while watching them offline. It features a great user interface that makes it simple to use and navigate. Also, it has features like the capability to download videos for later viewing so you may keep watching them even if your internet connection is down.

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