The High-Paying Find Full-Tim Nanny Jobs Near Me For Qualified Nannies

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A nanny is a professional who takes care of children at their home. They also do the household chores and look after it instead of the parents. They are different from babysitters because nannies work full-time in their client’s homes. Sometimes they also have to travel with their clients when they vacation with their families. There are many great ‘nanny jobs near me’ that you can consider working for. 

If you want to work as a nanny, then you have to get qualifications as a childcare professional. You have to know certain skills to appease the child, cook meals, do the housework, and more. Plus, you can also become a childcare organization member to get more clients to work. But you can also work independently as a nanny by looking for jobs in the job portals. 

Nanny Jobs Near Me

Find out some of the best high-paying companies hiring full-time and part-time nannies to offer childcare services to their clients. 

Find Full-Time and Part-Time Nanny Jobs Near You

  • Jovie 


It is a company that started to operate in 2001 to offer childcare services. They want to provide families with well-trained and fun caregivers who are supportive of them. The nannies also have to create a pleasant environment for the children to grow in. 

Jovie has served lots of families over the years, and they are the best in their field. They are now hiring qualified nannies so that you can apply for the job. Is babysitting children more than a job for you? Do you love to be around children and are a reliable person? Then Jovie is looking for nannies like you. 

  • Genuine Nannies 

Genuine Nannies 

The Genuine Nannies are looking for ROTA nannies to become a part of their family. They offer a salary of $100,000 – $120,000 a year, which is a full-time opportunity. The company is respectful, caring and inclusive, hiring nannies with similar qualities. They would like a nanny with experience handling toddlers. They have to be warm, caring and nurturing in their job. 

Further nannies with three to five years of experience in the job are preferred. They have to know household skills like doing laundry, cooking, swimming, and other household errands. Longtime commitment to the job is necessary. 

  • Excellence Services, LLC

Excellence Services, LLC is a private-owned company that provides luxury services for families. They deal with highly private highly clients. So they are looking for a nanny and family assistant to run the home and office smoothly. They want the family assistant to work on Saturdays and Sundays as well. It is a full-time position with $72,800 – $104,000 a year. 

Further, the family assistant has to work on household items, drive, do light household chores, greet guests, respond to calls, and more. 

  • Caring Connections

Caring Connections is searching for full-time nannies to live with their clients. They have to look after toddlers. So the company is looking for a kind and caring nanny to after the children and the family’s pets. They need a nanny with extensive experience in the field. They have to follow the family schedule and do all the work accordingly. This position offers payments of $20.00 – $25.00 per hour. 

  • The One Nanny Agency

This agency is looking for a full-time nanny for $20 – $25 an hour. Their client wants a nanny who can look after children with a caring attitude and kindness. Plus, the nanny also must have a caring work ethic and be a part of the family. They have to encourage children to do activities, play with them, cook meals for them, and do tasks around the home and more. 

Further, the nanny should have a valid driver’s license, have three years of childcare experience, work from Monday to Friday and more. 

  • Gateway Nanny Agency

The Gateway Nanny Agency hires part-time nannies for $25 – $30 an hour. The nanny has to relate with the children and must be enthusiastic. They have to offer after-school care to the children by encouraging them to participate in extra-curricular activities, do the household chores, walk the dogs and more. 

They will readily hire a nanny with two to three years of experience, a valid driver’s license and covid vaccination. 

  • Big Sky Nanny, LLC.

Big Sky Nanny, LLC. hires nannies with a pay of $15 – $30 an hour. They are ready to accept full-time and part-time applications. They will match talented nannies with suitable families. So you can apply for the job to find a great job opportunity as a nanny. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for nanny jobs near me, you are at the right place. We have the best jobs for you, and there are hiring immediately. So hurry up and apply for the nanny jobs now. 

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