Unfinished vs Prefinished Engineered Wood Flooring

Unfinished vs Prefinished Engineered Wood Flooring

We all know that there are two types of Engineered Wood flooring: finished and unfinished. Most people get confused about which one to install. So, if you are also one of them, then you don’t have to worry as we are going to solve your problem right away.

For starters, if you want durability, then you should go for prefinished Engineered Wood flooring. However, if you want to customize your floor and make it lucrative, then you should go for unfinished Engineered Wood flooring. Most people choose unfinished Engineered Wood flooring over prefinished because it is more beautiful in terms of looks and design, and mainly they can customize them later on as per their requirement. In simple words, working on unfinished flooring means drawing what you want on a clean sheet of paper.

If you comprehend giving your house a new look, then unfinished Wood flooring will play a vital role in it, as it can give you the scenario you want to see. You can also customize them with new and exciting colors, which you won’t get in finished floor products. This is to say that spending money on unfinished Wood flooring will give you satisfaction.

So today, in this article, we will comprehend unfinished Wood flooring and compare it with prefinished Wood flooring so that you get a clear vision and it becomes easy for you to choose amidst them.

Advantages Of Unfinished Wood Flooring

  • Unfinished Wood flooring is the only way to allow you to design your house exactly the way you want.
  • The process also benefits it. The installer can add borders, inlays, and other elements that are mostly unavailable in finished Wood flooring.
  • You can change the appearance of your Wood flooring by adding a stain finish before attaching the Wood. This feature will allow you to add color, which is mostly impossible to get even on finished Wood flooring.
  • The cost of unfinished Wood flooring is comparatively low compared to prefinished Wood flooring.
  • Since this is a block of Raw Wood, and you can do anything on it, it simply reduces the chances of complications.

Disadvantages Of Unfinished Wood Flooring

  • It spends ample time in its installation process.
  • The installer has to sand and finish the installation of the floor manually.
  • A single mistake can cost loads of damage to your floor.

Difference Between Prefinished And Finished Wood Flooring

One of the simple and easy differences between these two Wood flooring is their name. Finished Wood flooring refers to the floors finished before installation, whereas unfinished floors are to be finished after installation. Finished Wood flooring is stained and filled with Polyurethane in the workshop before dispatching; you just need to chop the planks before completing installation. On the other hand, unfinished floors are nothing but raw Wood planks that are to be installed and sanded first before you start customizing them. It has been seen that unfinished Wood flooring is more beneficial. It is comparatively cheaper, and it also contains more natural elements.

Cleaning unfinished floors is much easier and cheaper; you can also use polish or any sort of shining product once a month to make it look new. Another good reason behind choosing unfinished flooring is that you can remodel it anytime you want to without wasting a huge amount of money. According to a source, it has been confirmed that unfinished Engineered Hardwood flooring is far better than the prefinished one. It has also been said that old customers are switching to unfinished flooring during renovation or remodeling.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, flooring has become a popular choice for most families because of its versatility, beauty, and lucrative nature. We all know that there are two basic alternatives to Engineered Wood flooring: finished Wood flooring and unfinished Wood flooring. 

Most people prefer finished Wood flooring because it is easy to maintain and takes comparatively less time for installation. Another reason people choose prefinished Wood flooring is that they have zero knowledge about the benefits and advantages of unfinished Wood flooring. 

According to sources, it has been witnessed that unfinished Wood flooring is much more desirable. If you have very little knowledge about the  Engineered Wood flooring, we suggest you choose unfinished Wood flooring to customize it later on as per your requirement and need.