What is the Difference between Stainless Steel and Vacuum Glove Boxes?

Stainless Steel and Vacuum Glove Boxes

A glove box has been defined as a sealed container that gives a different atmosphere to handle certain chemicals or physical objects. In laboratory, such environment is required to be created. Some experiments cannot be done at the natural atmospheric temperature and pressure. To conduct them, different environment is required. That is why you need to choose the right glove box for your laboratory for conducting such critical experiments. When it comes to choosing the glove boxes for your laboratory, you would get confused a little as different kinds of glove boxes are available in the marketplace.

In this article, two major types of glove boxes will be discussed. The first type is known as stainless steel glove box. The second type is a contemporary glove box and it is called as vacuum glove box. In the following section, pros and cons of these glove boxes will be discussed to understand their differences as well as usefulness.

Durability of the Glove Boxes

A glove box has been regarded as premium equipment in a laboratory. Thus, it needs to be durable. This is not the equipment that you would like to purchase regularly, as glove boxes are costly. So, you need to choose a glove box that offer optimum durability. At least a glove box should function effortlessly for 15-20 years in a laboratory. From that aspect, stainless steel glove box is quite desirable, as it can last for a long time. Stainless steel is such a material that needs minimal maintenance. It is such a material that can be found to last long without catching up rusts or other sorts of damages. Though stainless steel glove box is durable, vacuum glove boxes cannot be considered as lesser durable than stainless steel. Durability of such Laboratory Glove Box is also quite satisfactory to the buyers.

Usability of the Glove Boxes

When it comes to usability of the glove boxes, it has to be noted that not all glove boxes feature similar suability. They are different as per their design, dimension and materials that have been used for manufacturing them. For stainless steel glove box, visibility from outside would be a problem. For vacuum glove box, visibility from outside is not a problem at all. It is generally made of glass material and thus visibility from the outside is excellent and clear. As a result, physical changes to the objects in a special atmosphere can be understood properly.

Maintenance Cost Associated with Glove Boxes

Maintenance cost, associated with glove boxes, has been always a considered as a matter of concern. Stainless steel glove box needs lesser maintenance. On the other hand, you need to put money as well as effort to ensure maintenance of the glove box. For the maintenance of glove box, you need to understand different accessories and units of the glove box.

Overall, both stainless steel and vacuum glove boxes are quite popular for the purpose of laboratory experiments. You need to choose the right glove box for ensuring the best infrastructure for conducting various experiments in the labs.