Why Did Tyrese Gibson Marry Norma Gibson? Know The Secret Behind Their Marriage

Norma Gibson

Do you know who Norma Gibson is? She is the former wife of Tyrese Gibson. He is an American actor and singer. He also has a child with Norma Gibson. The maiden name of Norma Gibson is Norma Mitchell. They had met in the 2000s and their romantic life and wedding were kept low-key. Yet their marriage life was short-lived because they decided to separate. We do not know what Norma Gibson is doing now but she created quite a stir when she got married to Tyrese Gibson a celebrity. You can find out all the details of celebrity ex-wife Norma Gibson. 

How was the married life of Norma and Tyrese? 

Tyrese Gibson met Norma Gibson when she was still a student in 2002. Then she moved in with Tyrese and started to live with him. They kept their romance low-key as Tyrese was a celebrity. They dated for five years and then tied the knot in 2007. But after living for only one year Norma and Tyrese felt the tension in their relationship. 

Tyrese Gibson

All was not well because Norma accused Tyrese of abusing her physically and emotionally. This was the reason their marriage ended so soon. But she only talked about the abuse in 2015. She was quiet during her marriage and also several years after the divorce. The world only came to know about Tyrese Gibson’s character in 2015. 

Why Tyrese Gibson is popular? 

Tyrese Gibson is an actor and a singer. He has appeared in famous films like Fast & Furious, Transformers, Death Race, Morbius, Waist Deep and more.  Many of his films are great blockbusters. He also turned to write books like Tyrese Gibson’s MAYHEM! and How to Get Out of Your Own Way. 

He married for a second time in 2017. His wife’s name is Samantha Lee but she also got divorced from him in 2020. 

Further because of the emotional toll of his married life and his separation from his daughter Shayla, he has become depressed. He shared a tearful video begging his first ex-wife to leave him. He was also not hired for work because of the ensuing battle with his wife. Then the court rewarded the parents with equal custody of their daughter. 

What is the name of their kid? 

Tyrese Gibson and Nora Gibson in their short relationship had a daughter named Shayla Gibson. Now she is fourteen years old. For a time they were co-parenting the kid after their divorce. But things turned messy when Norma Gibson revealed the emotional and physical abuse she underwent in her marriage. 

In 2015 during an interview with MadameNoire she talked about how much she suffered in her marriage with Tyrese Gibson. She decided to reveal it after so many years because she felt that all domestic abuse victims must speak out. The incident related to professional footballer Ray Rice in 2014 also motivated out to speak out because she felt irresponsible for not helping other domestic abuse victims. 

So she started the women’s empowerment campaign known as “Because I’m A Woman”. But Tyrese Gibson claimed that Nora Gibson is putting on a shameful effort to undermine him. She is also running their chance to co-parent their daughter. 

What is Norma Gibson doing now? 

Norma Gibson got temporary custody of her daughter Shayla Gibson after she accused her husband. After this Tyrese Gibson shared the real reason he married her. He said in a statement that he married her to keep her in the country because she was from London. It was not real love on his part but a marriage of convenience and she was also going to have their baby. Still, their legal drama is continuing. 

Further, she wants to keep her child away from the spotlight. She does not want the pressure from the media to disturb the normal upbringing of her daughter. 


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End thoughts 

Norma Gibson came out of her shell to speak about the domestic abuse she endured. Hope she can live a happy life now. 

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