Inty Miller ❤️ The Biography Of Aspiring Singer, Daughter Of Master P

Inty Miller

Inty Miller is quickly joining the ranks of popular female rappers. She sang the songs You Know I See You and That Real Love. Plus she is also the daughter of Master P. This personality is a famous American rapper and his real name is Percy Robert Miller Sr. He started the record label No Limit Records and his single Ice Cream Man was a great hit. He is a great supporter of his daughter’s musical career. Do you want to know the age, mother’s name, occupation, and other details of Inty Miller? Continue reading to know more about her life. 

What is Inty Miller’s age? 

Intylyana “Inty” Miller’s birth date is 1993. Her rap moniker is Princess Inty. As of 2023, her age is thirty years old. From a young age, she is interested in rap music because of her parents. 

Who are Inty Miller’s parents? 

Inty Miller is the daughter of Master P the rapper. But do you know that her mother is also a rapper and it is Sonya C? Her father Master P also known as Percy Robert Miller Sr. is from Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana and his age is fifty-two. He has released many popular covers and songs that have made him one of the well-known faces in the rap industry. 

Sonya C’s real name is Sonya Miller. She is a rapper from Richmond, California. Her very first album release was Married To The Mob in 1993. Then she met Master P and collaborated with him on several works. They became popular too. They also became a couple in real life and married in 1989. But they ended their marriage in 2022 after many years of togetherness. 

The reason for the breakdown of their relationship was drugs and alcohol which Master P was addicted to. Sonya C received cash of $67 million and many assets as a marriage settlement. 

How many siblings does she have? 

Inty Miller has a total of eight siblings as her father had children from other relationships as well. With Sonya C he had seven children and they are Romeo, Vercy, Tytyana, Inty, Itali, Hercy, and Mercy. They had children during their twenty-three-year-old relationship. Further Master P has children from his other relationship and they are Veno and Cymphonique. 

The kids have appeared in the series Master P’s Family Empire” and “Growing Up Hip Hop.” As child stars. 

Romeo was the first child born in 1989 and he became one of the youngest rappers in history. His stage name is Lil Romeo. Vercy came to the world in 1991 and he is now an entrepreneur. Itlali born in 1999 is an actor. 

Veno is known for using up his father’s credit card and has appeared in Malibu Horror Story. Cymphonique acted in “How to Rock” and is also a singer. Hercy was born in 2022 and he is a basketball player studying at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Lastly, Mercy born in 2005 is also a basketball player studying at the University of Houston. Tragically the daughter of Master P and Sonya C Tytyana who is also the loving sister of Inty Miller died at age of twenty-five. 


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What is the net worth of Inty Miller? 

The net worth of Inty Miller is not available but her father is a rich man with a net worth of $210 Million. He is a rapper and has accumulated lots of riches because of his career. But Inty Miller is also having a career of her own. She is earning money through her career and other businesses. 

End thoughts 

Inty Miller is a great rapper and she has lots of opportunities to be famous. We can expect lots of songs from her in the future. 

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