The Business Outfits of 2021: Comfort and Inclusiveness

Business Outfits

Due to recent events, many of us who have been working from home up until recently might need to start thinking about updating our workwear wardrobes. Some people will be excited to return to more formal wear while others may be a little sad to see the end of working in maximum comfort. As it happens, this year has seen some positive changes in this particular area, and if you need to get some new office attire but you’re on a budget you can use this SHEIN discount code to save some pennies.

It’s probably impossible to find someone who has not been impacted by this global pandemic. Everyone is different so there are definitely going to be differences in the particular way we’ve been individually affected. Possibly one of the biggest changes that most people have had to adapt to relates to their work. For many, the silver lining of working from home has been the flexibility in terms of work hours and appropriate work clothing. It follows that the lines are already beginning to become blurred in these areas.

2021 has seen the merging of a new form of ‘business casual’ in many workplaces. If there was never a strict dress code in place before, this may apply even more so now. After so much time working in comfort, it’s a big adjustment to your daily life and also if you didn’t have much notice before returning to work, you may not have had time to buy new clothes (or lose a few pounds to fit into your old ones!) Fortunately, many bosses have embraced this new situation and really, they’re actually in the same boat.

Working from home presented one technicality that I think that most women got down to a tee in the end. With your top half (visible on screen) presentable, you didn’t have to say goodbye to the comfy yoga pants or leggings and slippers that no one saw. They are known as “zoom tops” and they’re ideal for such a situation because you can keep your professional image during video conferences with customers and colleagues.

Athleisure is not a new trend but it’s thriving in this period. It’s the name given to clothing that is usually worn for sport or athletic settings but is now becoming more common in other situations, including at work. You can find all types of clothes in these collections, including tops, shirts and trousers. The beauty of it is that it combines comfort with fashion.

Casual Friday is also not a new concept, but recently it is becoming more popular than ever. Employers might see it as a solution to address the boundaries of appropriate clothing, especially in more formal work environments, by giving employees the chance to dress down on the last day of work and try to keep more formal clothing during the rest of the week.

Masks have become the new essential accessory, but we can also look on the bright side here as well. With the obligation to wear one at work, you can actually use it to your advantage. New fun and fashionable masks are becoming more and more popular recently. Funny or colourful designs can lift the mood for you and your colleagues. With the right one, you can even use it to dress up an otherwise simple or casual outfit. If you want to check the latest regulations when it comes to masks, or even make your own, check out the guidelines here.

Depending on the sector you’re in, there may be other different new and trending business styles. So far, all the changes seem very positive and are creating an atmosphere of comfort and confidence in the workplace for women.