Best Italy Honeymoon Destinations

Best Italy Honeymoon Destinations

What better way to cap off the best day of your life with a trip to Italy? This incredible, scenic, cultural mecca is the perfect honeymoon destination.The challenge with heading to Italy on your honeymoon is choosing where to go within this fascinating country. Here are some of the best Italy honeymoon destinations to make your choice a little easier.


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Umbria is often compared to Tuscany in terms of environment and culture. However, this less-visited area is usually more affordable and filled with untouched secret gems that are mostly tourist-free. Stay in one of the incredible medieval hillside towns and drink fine wines with the love of your life. Drive around the countryside, dine on local cuisine, and have a relaxed, unforgettable trip.

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This Mediterranean wonderland boasts sheer cliff faces, beautiful beaches, and colorful buildings that somehow withstand a seemingly uninhabitable space. If yous honeymoon budget might not be enough to cover this, try looking at honeymoon registry comparison samples to help pay for your trip.

Lounge along the coast, sample culinary infusions on terraces overlooking the water, roam the cobblestone streets or venture out into the wilderness. No matter where you go on the Amalfi Coast, you’ll be surrounded by beauty. 


In a country filled with iconic places, Venice stands out above the rest. This astounding floating city has no roads; just canals. Take a sunset gondola ride under the Rialto Bridge, an act which is said to bless the riders with eternal love.

There’s incredible architecture to see by day and fine dining and dancing to enjoy by night. Spend some time in this charming modern-day Atlantis before it’s no longer accessible.


Like Umbria, Sicily often gets overshadowed by the other beautiful places in Italy. This island is the largest in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s home to otherworldly beaches that aren’t overrun by tourists as well as ancient architecture that’s sure to fuel your inner historian.

While in Sicily, spend some time in Cefalu, a scenic fishing village on the coast. For a truly immersive experience, head to the hilltop town of Enna. From here you’ll be able to tour medieval castles and watch Mount Etna, a huge active volcano, from a safe distance. 


It wouldn’t be a complete list of honeymoon destinations in Italy without mentioning Rome. When in Rome, you must visit the Colosseum and learn about the age of gladiators. Be sure to get a photo with your spouse in front of the legendary Trevi Fountain, which has been depicted in movies almost as often as Central Park.

Rather than sticking to the tourist hotspots, do as the Romans do. Head across the river to Trastevere, where you can shop in the markets and boutique shops. Trastevere has a vibrant nightlife and a cool boho vibe that will feel nice compared to the core urban area. 

No matter where you go in Italy, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. With so much to see and do, there’s no better place on Earth to celebrate your nuptials.