11 Best Sites Like FirstRowSports To Watch Live Sports Online


FirstRowSports is one of the best websites to watch sports, such as football, MMA, rugby, NBA, etc. However, people are searching for some of the best sites like FirstRowSports to have more options. 

Being a sports fan isn’t that easy because you need to pay for hefty subscriptions. Since not all the sports are available under a single platform, it can become quite a money fest. That’s why people are constantly searching for websites that offer live coverage of their favorite sport for free. 

Hence, a lot of websites like FirstRowSports emerged, to provide sports fans unlimited coverage. You can watch live coverage of a game, or watch the highlights, and listen to commentaries. 

As we know, FirstRowSports is a great site, but you also need a bit more options in case it doesn’t work for you. In fact, government officials have also banned the site in many countries because it provides content in an illegal manner. 

Therefore, it’s better to know a few alternative sites to be safe. In this article, we shall discuss the 11 best sites, just like FirstRowSports, that offer quality content. 

What Makes FirstRowSports So Special

First of all, this website provides sports-related content for free. Therefore, a sports lover doesn’t need to opt for pricey subscriptions on multiple sports streaming platforms. Secondly, it also offers a wide range of sports so that it caters to a lot of audiences. You can watch football, tennis, rugby, basketball, and many more sports on this site. Moreover, you can also watch the highlights in case you have missed the live coverage.

Why Go For FirstRowSports Alternatives?

To use the website, you need an Adobe Flash player. Since Adobe flash player is no longer available to most browsers, people are having a hard time accessing it. Moreover, users have also complained of streaming issues. In addition, they have also complained of malware and viruses attacking their computers. Furthermore, the site is also inaccessible to a lot of viewers. Most probably, the government officials have blocked the site in their country. Therefore, the need for alternatives is much higher.

11 Best FirstRowSports Alternative Options To The Site

Whether you are a fan of soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, or other sports, it’s always a special feeling to see them live on the internet. There are lots of sports websites out there that provide sports content for free. So, these are some of the best alternatives to FirstRowSports that you will love to use. 

1. SportLemon


First, on the list, we have SportLemon, which is a very good alternative to have. This website provides a lot of quality sports content that you will love. Like the FirstRowSports, on this site, you can watch any kind of sports for free. In fact, for football lovers, this site is a haven indeed. 

Users can watch Livestream of any sports action at any time. Moreover, it has multiple streaming mirror links, therefore, if one of the links fails, you will have another one to resort to. In fact, it offers live streaming for sports without having to download any surveys. Moreover, the matches are in high definition, so you wouldn’t miss out on the fine details. 

2. StopStream

This is another great option for the sports lovers out there to watch quality content for free. In fact, you can watch the live stream of all kinds of sports events on this website in high quality. 

One of the perks of the site is, it has a wide collection of sports events and channels. In fact, you can access them anywhere and anytime you like, on any device. 

Furthermore, this site also has an easy user interface, so it’s really user-friendly in that regard. As it has arranged tabs and lists, it makes it easier for sports fanatics to find the games they want to watch. Moreover, it also has a chat feature on the live matches. So, overall, it’s a really good option. 

3. Strikeout

Are you a fan of Premier League, NFL games, and other quality sports? Then this website is definitely for you. Like FirstRowSports, you will get a wide range of sports content on this site for absolutely free of cost. 

Moreover, you can access the live streaming of the popular games as well, which is pretty neat. In addition, it is highly compatible with most browsers. Therefore, you can easily access the site using browsers like Chrome or Mozilla. So, this is a really cool alternative option, if you are a lover of sports in general. 

4. Bosscast

Here’s another great website that offers seamless live streaming of your favorite sports events. Moreover, the site also serves more than 125 countries with a plethora of game collections. 

Since it has a user-friendly interface, you can browse the game by genre pretty easily. Moreover, you can also check the schedules of games, watch highlights, chat with other sports lovers and do many more things. Most importantly, it gives a pretty good live streaming performance, making it a fan favorite. 


VIPBoxTV is a pretty famous site for sports. In fact, it is a rapid-going site which is a really good alternative to consider. The site offers users high-quality content for free, so that’s why people like it a lot. Moreover, you can access content like live matches, replays, and also important moments of the games. 

With 33 categories of games, it’s a really worthy competitor to most of the sites that offer sports content. Moreover, what sets it apart from sites like FirstRowSports, is the site has an Admin tool section, where you can access features like dual-channel streaming. In addition, you can also adjust the video quality if you want. 

6. StreamWoop

StreamWoop is another great site for sports lovers where they can watch online matches for free. This platform is really simple to use, therefore, it’s user-friendly. With an easy user interface and a large index of links, it’s a really good option to consider. 

Moreover, this site gets its content from collaboration with other networks. So, if you want to watch live streaming of your favorite matches, highlights, and other important fixtures, then you can get them for free. Moreover, you can also subscribe to the site and get email notifications about upcoming fixtures. 

7. MamaHD

The developer of this site designed it in a way where the users can access quality content in HD. In fact, you can access the content of this site from any device you want. For example, if you want to watch your favorite sports content from mobile, then you can easily do it. 

While it’s true that the site has a lot of ads, you can easily fix it through an adblocker. In fact, it won’t affect the seamless streaming experience. Furthermore, on this site, you will get to see live scores, replay, news, updates, highlights, and much more. 

8. RedStreamSport

If you prefer a video streaming site that offers a large list of sports-related content then this site is really a good option. In fact, you can view videos of different sports events on this site. Since the site is well organized, it’s a real deal among sports lovers. 

One of the best features of this site is, you can watch the streaming in high quality. Moreover, you can also watch many sports channels from any location possible, without having to register on the site at all. 

9. LiveTV

Next on the list, we have another website that offers free live streaming of your favorite ongoing sports tournaments and matches across the different parts of the globe. This website is free to use and doesn’t require you to subscribe at all. However, you need to sign up on this site to get free access to sports content. 

Unlike FirstRowSports, this website collaborates with local, international, and national networks. Therefore you will get a wide range of sports events. Moreover, this website also embeds sports channels through 3rd party stream providers. 

In this way, you can easily watch any sports-related content for free. Furthermore, you can also watch highlights of a game, check out live scores and also chat with other sports lovers. 

10. Stream2Watch

This is another website that provides online sports streaming services for free. Moreover, you will also find the content of Live tv channels, so you won’t miss out on your favorite games at all. 

In fact, what’s really cool about the site is its user-friendly interface. Therefore, you will find it easier to find the games that you want to watch. Since it has a pretty simple design, you won’t have any problem accessing the content you want to watch. 

11. StreamHunter

Last on the list we have Streamhunter, one of the best sites like FirstrowSports for online live sports. This website is very stable and well updated and organized. Therefore you will find the content you want to watch pretty easily. 

Moreover, you can also keep a track of the fixtures through notification features. So, if you are a fan of the NBA, Football, Tennis, and other sports, you will have a wonderful time on this site. Moreover, all the contents are in good HD quality, so have fun watching the matches in crisp detail. 

Final Thoughts:

So these were some of the best alternatives to a website like FirstRowSports. You can watch a variety of sports events on these channels for free.