Genetec: Protecting Retail Stores from the Inside Out


According to recent reports, retailers are experiencing an uptick in theft. Almost 60 percent of retail stores report falling victim to theft over the last year, and that figure has been surging for quite some time. More than a third of America’s retailers say theft levels have increased just over the last few months. That’s causing a major ripple effect that affects everyone from store owners and their suppliers to consumers. Because of this disturbing development, having the right security measures in place is essential.

Security Factors to Consider in the Retail Sector

As crime increases, the strategies criminals use is branching out. After all, thieves and other wrongdoers have more ways than ever to carry out their crimes. Fortunately, retailers also have more security solutions at their disposal than in the past thanks to companies like Genetec. That gives them multiple ways to keep theft and its many repercussions at bay. Take a look at some of the important factors to consider when ramping up store security.

Security Cameras

Cameras are crucial components of any security system. Many people may feel this is an obvious point, but research indicates that the majority of retailers aren’t using cameras to their fullest benefit. According to some accounts, many stores focus their security cameras on their front entrances, merchandise displays, and checkout areas. Though that’s a smart move, many leave themselves vulnerable in other areas.

Experts note that rear entrances are often overlooked. Those may include employee entrances, merchandise unloading areas, and stockrooms, among other points. Surveillance cameras should be in place to keep watch over those entry points as well. While some thieves are brazening enough to try to walk right out the front door with merchandise, most prefer more covert strategies. Just as importantly, surveillance cameras and the systems connected to them should be set up to record footage for future reference.

Access Control

Another vital security measure to keep in mind is access control. Although traditional keyed locks serve users well, they’re not the only options available. Numerous electronic means are also on the market, including keypads and discreet security codes, keycards, and even retinal and fingerprint scanners. While biometrics-based access control measures are a bit expensive for many small-scale retailers, plenty of options are available for improving access control.

Access control also covers far more bases than having secure locks on doors. Certain sensitive areas within a store may need to be protected as well. That could include bookkeeping areas, stockrooms, and other spaces that are off limits to customers. Remember, in some cases, not all employees should have access to all areas of the store. That’s another important factor to take into account. 

Keeping Stores More Secure

Several components go into making retail stores more secure. As technology advances, so will the range of tools available to stores for boosting security and preventing theft. Security cameras and access control remain crucial to any security system. To make the most of them and other measures, proper use and paying attention to the finer details are essential. 

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