Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon reseller tools can give you the boost you need to run a successful business. But what are they? And what apps and tools are the most important? Do you need repricing tools? Forecasting and restocking? 

The answer to which Amazon seller apps you need depends on your individual circumstances. However, this article contains some of the more important tools for Amazon resellers. Continue reading to learn more about which tools offer the most impactful benefits to Amazon resellers. 

Repricing Tools

Repricing tools consist of software that helps sellers change prices according to their market research and on their behalf. Sellers use this technology to develop strategies with specific pricing goals in mind. Repricing tools can help sellers gain control of the Buy Box or sell a target number of units over a given time. 

Seller Reviews and Feedback 

Feedback manager tools help sellers monitor and respond to seller feedback. These tools provide comprehensive overviews of seller feedback and ratings among customer groups. These overviews simplify performance by displaying short and long-term rating metrics. Using these metrics, sellers can better adapt their strategies to guide customers’ actions. Feedback managers also address buyers’ concerns by improving processes and policies. 

Customer Support 

Amazon sellers can’t simply outsource all of their customer support team to Amazon. To build an enduring, well-known brand, you need to engage with your customer base. Customer support tools let resellers customize their response system to provide punctual feedback and evaluate their customer relationships. While Amazon might be able to handle some of these important customer relations, sellers should at least familiarize themselves with the correct practices. 

Forecasting and Restocking

Forecasting and restocking tools help resellers budget, plan, and estimate their future growth. They provide insight with pricing metrics and market data that lets you gauge your restocking and devise plans for the future of your business. 


Seeing the sales roll in as an Amazon seller is everything you want. However, the more sales you make, the more tax requirements you have to fulfill. Most smaller resellers won’t need the services of a bookkeeper or accountant. Luckily, there are plenty of tools to help you fulfill your tax obligations once tax season is upon you. 

Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions vary in their capabilities but there are numerous options out there that simplify your reseller process and provide you with valuable benefits. For example, an extension such as Jungle Scout helps you find and validate products while browsing Amazon. It provides sales estimates, revenue projections, and keyword insights. 


Organizations need to manage and track their inventory at all times. Inventory management is one of the more critical business functions in today’s business environment because supply chains are more complex than ever and it’s challenging to plan according to demand. Manually entering, tracking, and counting inventory is virtually impossible today. 

Inventory apps help resellers with automated data entry, search, and visual interactive tools that make inventory management possible from anywhere at any time with tools such as smartphones and tablets. 

Advertising and PPC

PPC advertising for resellers is one of the most useful forms of advertising available. Between searching for products and strategizing for your business success, advertising might not be your top priority. But with the number of Amazon resellers leveraging PPC increasing, you need to consider advertising and PPC apps that simplify this process. If you don’t have a defined course of action, PPC can quickly hinder your capabilities rather than integrate into your business model seamlessly. PPC and advertising apps provide the support you need to leverage advertising and PPC.

FBA Refunds and Reimbursement

Amazon losing products is par for the course when it comes to reselling things. They have millions of products in warehouses and they are bound to make mistakes. 

Amazon is committed  to the customer and issues reimbursement and refunds. However, they can take their sweet time doing it because they are so large and there’s really nothing the customer can do. 

This might come back to bite your company reputation. That’s why FBA refunds and reimbursement software provides a solution to the bottleneck, quickly calculating and issuing refunds and reimbursements to you and your customers. 

Seller Apps

Seller apps have not been developers’ major focus. That is about to change as devices become more and more powerful and mobile friendly. iPad Pros are now capable of running an entire business. Imagine an environment where you could utilize all the technology you need from one tablet. 

In the future, you might even be able to run a business from your mobile device. Developers will need to respond to this demand over time, making this process cheaper and more comfortable for the seller. 

Price Monitoring and Notifications

Managing pricing is a must for anyone starting their own business. These tools give you the capability to outcompete other sellers and adjust your prices according to the market. These apps aren’t about repricing, either. They deal with price notifications, enabling you to receive quick push notifications when competitors break MAP agreements or if prices increase during a specific quarter.  

Key Takeaways 

Amazon resellers have a bountiful set of tools at their disposal to incorporate into their business. From repricing to inventory management and advertising apps, Amazon provides a bevvy of options to anyone willing to put in the work. 

However, apps can’t do all of the work for you. Amazon resellers still need to do their homework to determine which products are the most profitable and how to maximize their profits in the future. 

Additionally, they should keep an eye out for technological advancements to include in their repertoire for the future. The more user-friendly these apps become, the higher the likelihood an Amazon reseller could comfortably run their business from home or on the move.