What You Need to Know about Local Moving

What You Need to Know about Local Moving

A local move may not seem like a big deal at first. After all, you are just heading to a nearby neighborhood. Or an adjacent apartment. Or block.

In truth, moving is always a biggie, doesn’t matter if you are relocating only 100 meters away. As you’re bound to realize, there is plenty that needs to get done between the packing and loading and the driving and the unpacking.

While you might not be moving far, some bit of help would certainly come in handy, whether that be from your friends or simply hiring the services of a local moving company to take the weight off your shoulders.

Here are some key things to keep in mind when planning a local move to avoid the stress that comes with it.

Start early

Again, while you may be moving only a short distance away, the importance of starting your moving preparations early cannot be overstated. Moving is work. Time flies too as there is a lot that needs to get done, especially when work and family are involved.

If you want to ease the burden on yourself, get started as early as possible, ideally months prior to the move. When moving date draws nearer, you will have a much less stressful time.

Outline your plan

No move can be successful without a proper plan. Formulate a moving plan and make it as detailed and specific as you can, touching on every single thing you need to facilitate the move.

A moving checklist is a good place to start. It should include every small detail about the moving process, but don’t try to attack it all at once. Instead, approach your checklist in phases that break down the process into smaller more achievable steps, starting with top priority items.

A plan should also include a budget that factors in all moving costs, from a sharpie marker pen to the mover’s fee.

Prep your new home in advance

Usually, all the focus when moving will most likely be on your current home and all the stuff you need to move. But it’s important to also think about the new place that awaits you and what you can do in the meantime to make the move-in more seamless.

This could include, for instance, ensuring the utilities are all activated before you move in and notifying all your utility providers of your impending move. A change of address is something you should do well in advance.

Gather your supplies

It is important to put your moving supplies together before the packing begins.

Since packing should ideally start weeks before the move, it means looking for moving materials should be top priority as soon as the decision to move has been made. Your moving checklist should reflect this.

While you don’t have to bring in things like moving boxes all at once (unless space is not an issue) you should start sourcing a couple in advance to pack the things that won’t be in use within the period before the move – extra dishes perhaps, a section of your/each family member’s wardrobe, collectibles and so on.

List all the supplies you’ll need and start bringing them in – packing paper, bubble wrap, duct tape, permanent markers, post-it notes etc.

Find help

As we mentioned earlier, at some point you could use some help with local moving. This could come from family, friends, work colleagues or hiring the services of a local mover.

Doing everything on your own can take its toll, so always ask for some help whenever you think you could use it.

At the end of the day, this simple but practical advice should make your local moving experience more manageable.