Is It Required To Hire An Unpacking Service After You Move?

Is It Required To Hire An Unpacking Service After You Move?

In case you have moved, it is most likely that you have always done your unpacking all by yourself and you know it usually takes a few weeks to complete all of it. You can still be left with a few boxes in your garage, which are still waiting to be opened from your last move. However, this does not always have to be this way always. You can opt to hire an unpacking service to do the work for you. Within a day, your house will be completely unpacked and look like it has been lived in for a long time.

So, to help you decide if you should hire some professional company to opt for unpacking container services, we thought we would review what to expect and when you might want to consider getting someone to help you in your unpacking.

When to Hire an Unpacking Service? 

If you are on a budget, then you may need to carefully weigh if it is worth spending money on this type of service. So, you want to hire a professional service:

  • When you do not have that extra time off of work to unpack and you have a limited amount of time in between jobs.
  • If you are a stay-at-home parent and you cannot fathom doing all the unpacking and settling the kids in at the same time.
  • You packed all the boxes yourself and you cannot bear the thought of unpacking everything.
  • You saved enough money and your moving budget still has some amount of funds left, and you feel exhausted from the move.
  • When you are willing to do the unpacking within a specific time. For instance, you moved during the holidays and you are scheduled to host the festivities in your new home, and you have a week before relative arrives.
  • You hired professional packers to help you pack and move the entire house and you negotiated a great deal for them also to unpack your stuff.

 What Are The Things Included In Unpack Container Services? 

Each of the unpacking services is different from each other. So, it is best to inquire about the complete range of services. Most of these services will include the following:

  • Unpack all the boxes
  • Unwrap the items and prepare a list of anything broken.
  • Wipe off the shelves. Extra cleaning services may be available.
  • Put all the items away.
  • Organize the house from the kitchen drawers and cupboards to the linen closet.
  • Set up all the extraneous items like the shower curtain, adjusting the clocks to the correct time, spreading all the tablecloths, and hanging the pictures.
  • Assemble all the types of furniture, which should necessarily include the desks, beds, and tables if the movers haven’t done them.
  • Unpack and organize all the clothing and make the beds.
  • Removal and recycling of all the boxes and packing materials.

How Do They Come To Know Where Everything Goes? 

Most professional unpacking services are also professional organizers. They usually unpack and organize more households than an average person. Also, most of the homeowners are around during this phase of unpacking. If the unpackers have any questions, they can ask. However, the unpackers know their job well and will do it without having to bother the homeowner even once.

Cost Involved 

The prices vary depending on the size of the home and how quickly you require it unpacked. Most of the services are completed in a single day. However, if you require your home to be unpacked in half a day, there may be additional charges.


For all the busy people out there, who have a very tight schedule, you should necessarily opt for the unpack container services as you may not have that adequate time to unpack so many boxes containing your household goods.