Natalie Love is Blind Had a Scene That Didn’t Air

The Nameless Contender

Natalie Love is Blind had a scene that ultimately did not make it to the screen. Imagine for a moment, a series where contestants have to fall in love without ever seeing the person they are talking to. It is bizarre and exciting at the same time. Netflix has a show where participants do exactly that. The reality dating series Love is Blind has several people who get to know each other from pods.

They never actually talk to each other or even meet in person. But still, they hope to fall in love or at least develop an interest in the other person. Couples talk to each other, meet in real life and then start working on their relationship. The one hope that keeps them going is that they expect to marry by the end. A sweet hope indeed. 

The Nameless Contender

However, every relationship has an element of drama. In the case of Natalie and Shayne, this drama takes the form of another contender called Shaina Hurley. If you watch the show and keep track of events, you will know that Shaina tried to woo Shayne. It did not work and Shayne eventually proposed to Natalie.

The couple met in real life and decided to move to Chicago to make it work. But as we say, drama catches up to you if you venture on a critical path through something like a reality show. So yes, the uncomfortable love triangle has indeed created a lot of tension now. 

Hopes for the Future

Furthermore, it also appears that there might be more tension on the way. You see, someone proposed to Natalie before Shayne. We never got to watch that aspect of the drama unfold, though. Makers removed those scenes before the show aired. Chris Coelen, the creator of the show, said they had another guy who was very, very interested in Natalie early in the show.

She thought it was rather weird and never accepted the proposal. But it appears this nameless suitor had developed very deep feelings for Natalie. The showrunners removed the scenes because according to them, it was not important to Natalie’s storyline in any way. It might sound a bit callous, but this is how business works. Think of it this way, the tussle was between a person who made Natalie feel awkward versus a person who swept her off her feet. 

The Nameless Contender
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Hopes for the Future

When we make such a comparison, of course, Shayne wins the game fair and square. He is the one who promised the world to Natalie and came through with it. Pursuing this story arc will yield more results than spending precious time trying to explain why the previous guy did not work. Why the extra work, one might ask? Now the fact is Natalie and Shayne are living the high life in Chicago. What will happen once the love triangle gets messy?

We can only hope that Netflix releases an episode or a special with all the outtakes. It will be very interesting to watch all the messes and botches that came before a relationship clicked. It will shed some light on the unclear storylines that are now creating troubles in the show. All things said and done, we do hope Shayne and Natalie love is blind make their relationship a success. 


1. Where can we find Natalie’s Instagram?

Natalie’s Instagram id is @natalieminalee. 

2. Are Shayne and Natalie still together?

Unfortunately, it appears they have broken up and moved on. 

3. What did Shayne and Natalie fight about?

Shayne told Natalie he hated her during a tense argument. 

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