Top 3 Warning Signs of Major Roof Damage

Major Roof Damage

How do you know if you have roof damage? It might sound like an obvious question but sometimes it’s not always clear whether the problem with your house is to do with your roof or another problem.

Roof damage can be expensive if left untreated for months and years and could lead to you needing to pay to have the roof entirely refitted; the structure of your whole house might also need further refurbishment work if your roof has damaged the timbres of brickwork inside. If your house is of a certain age, you may also need safety checks, such as Armco Asbestos Surveys

Here’s everything you need to know about a damaged roof and how to spot it.

  1. Leaking Into the Attic

The most obvious sign you have roof damage is a roof leak into your house. If you are discovering water in your living room or any of your upstairs bedrooms you know you have a serious problem.

But if you find water in your attic then you know this is also a problem that may well develop into something major and needs fixing as soon as possible.

Check your attic regularly and make sure you take action straight away against a leaking roof. The water is most likely to have seeped in from a broken roof.

  1. Wind Blow Your Tiles Off

If the wind blows off your tiles, it’s very easy to put this down to mother nature for your damaged roof. If you live on the East Coast in states like Louisiana or Flordia you are likely to encounter hurricanes and high winds.

But roofs should be able to withstand most wind damage. If your tiles are blown off this could suggest a wider problem. You need to stop the rot before your house crumbles.

Check the surrounding areas after the tiles have fallen off to make sure they have not caused any damage. Your next step should be to phone an expert roofer straight away.

  1. Old Roof

Another reason your roof might be damaged is because it’s simply too old. As a rule, you will need major construction such as a replacement on your roof every 25 years. This is not to say every roof should be replaced after 25 years but it’s highly likely. 

Have your roof checked every few years as there might be some problems that are not visible to your untrained eye. Remember technology improves so the 25-year rule is also a great opportunity to have your roof redesigned to be stronger and more resistant to wind and rain than ever before. Getting a new roof can be exciting.

If you’re renting your property out then consider hiring a property manager to let them take care of repairs. You can reap the benefits with higher long term profits from your property.

Roof Damage? Get it Checked Straight Away

If you have roof damage you should get it checked over as soon as you can. This is because there can be underlying problems that might end up making fixing something as simple as a few blown off tiles more expensive the longer its left. 

Always have your roof checked every few years and factor in the fact you are likely to need to replace it after 25 years.

If you are interested in learning more about roof damage be sure to check out our site.

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