Top 12 Cocktail Apps in the Market

Cocktail Apps

These are the top 12 cocktail apps in the market. If you’re a bartender or cocktail lover who wants to make amazing drinks and impress others, these 12 bartender and cocktail apps are perfect for you. Simply download them with a single click and get creative. Also, you can do a lot of stuff with these apps which are designed just for you. We know you like to mix drinks and serve them fresh. So what is indeed stopping you from spinning some more ideas? These apps are what you need for the time being. 

Cocktail Flow

Cocktail Flow is a top-notch cocktail app with a smart search feature. It helps you discover cocktails you can make with the ingredients you have. The app lets you explore recipes based on the base drink, type, strength, and color of the drink. Its user-friendly interface presents recipes step by step. Plus, you can save your favorite drink recipes to access them easily later. With Cocktail Flow, making delicious cocktails is a breeze. Also, you can now whip up some incredible cocktails with this app and serve them to your guests. It makes sure of that. 

Perfect Drink

Perfect Drink is an amazing interactive cocktail app. It guides you to pour each ingredient correctly with real-time measurements. It even suggests drinks you can make with the ingredients you already have and creates a shopping list for missing items. The app’s recipes are designed or tasted by pro mixologists. You can even add your own recipes or modify existing ones with the drag and drop editor. Perfect Drink is your perfect companion for mixing delightful cocktails with precision and creativity. Also, we all like apps where we can create our own recipes, right? Hence, this app is for you. 


Distiller is an excellent app with reviews from experts and spirits fans, helping you pick the best whiskey, mezcal, rum, and more for your cocktails. It’s one of the top bartender apps, giving you insights on different types of spirits like whiskey, agave, rum, brandy, gin, and vodka. Furthermore, you’ll know exactly what to buy and try, thanks to the community’s recommendations and expert opinions. Also, whether you’re a spirits enthusiast or just looking for the perfect drink, Distiller has you covered with its user-friendly interface and helpful information. Make informed choices and enjoy the best spirits with Distiller by your side.

Cocktail Flow
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8500+ Drink Recipes

The app has over 8,500 drink and cocktail recipes. You can add your favorites to a list, search by category or use the search bar, and even choose a random drink. It’s easy to use with a wide range of drinks. After the free trial, the monthly subscription is $4.99. You can get it on the App Store. Enjoy exploring and trying out new drinks with this app’s simple interface and extensive database. Also, we have never seen a database with such an extensive collection. This is indeed awesome. 

My Cocktail Bar

My Cocktail Bar is a top cocktail app with around 9000 cocktails, found only on Google Play. It helps you discover what drinks you can make with the ingredients you have. You can even create your own unique cocktail and add favorites to a list. The app lets you choose your bar shelf ingredients and shows how many cocktails you can make with each one. It’s easy to use and perfect for cocktail enthusiasts. Enjoy mixing and trying out new drinks with this app’s user-friendly features and vast cocktail collection. Also, you can whip up a lot more with this app. So try it right now. 

Bartender’s Choice Vol 2

Bartender’s Choice is a fantastic bartender app made by top bartenders from Attaboy, Diamond Reef, and Milk & Honey in NYC. Furthermore, the app lets you find hundreds of recipes based on the spirit, drink style, or sensation you want. It also gives you valuable tips on using ice, garnishes, syrups, shaking, and mixing techniques. With Bartender’s Choice, you can easily explore and create various cocktails with expert guidance. It’s the perfect app for anyone who loves mixing drinks or wants to become a skilled bartender. Also, enjoy making delicious cocktails with this user-friendly and informative app.

My Cocktail Bar
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Highball stands out among other cocktail apps we’ve talked about. It lets you gather and share your favorite cocktail recipes all in one spot. Furthermore, start by learning and trying out various cocktail recipes from other apps on the list. Then, with Highball, you can select the ingredients for your cocktails, describe how they’re made, and even include photos. Also, it’s a great way to keep track of your own cocktail creations and share them with friends. Enjoy the fun of mixing and creating your own signature cocktails with this easy-to-use and creative app.

Cocktails Guru

Cocktails Guru is a popular cocktail app with lots of useful features. It’s like having your own bartender in your pocket! Furthermore, you’ll find a huge list of drink recipes, including all your favorite cocktails. Furthermore, it even has information about the tools and ingredients used in bartending. If something doesn’t turn out quite right, you can read comments from other users for tips and tricks. Also, the best part is that most recipes have pictures, so you know how the drink should look. The app is constantly improving, and the developer promises even more exciting updates in the future. Enjoy exploring and making tasty alcoholic drinks with Cocktails Guru.

Cocktails Guru
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YouTube is an obvious but great choice for finding drink recipes. Many creators share interesting and fun recipes. Check out Tipsy Bartender, Steve the Bartender, and American Bartending School for good pointers and recipes. Also, some creators also share their top ten lists, but be careful, as some of them are not very helpful. Furthermore, stick to the professionals for reliable information. YouTube is free with ads, but you can pay for a subscription to remove ads and access extra features like background play and offline viewing. Enjoy exploring and learning from the amazing world of drink recipes on YouTube.

The Liquor Cabinet

In 2015, three drink experts and brothers, Patrick, Peter, and Sean Janell, created The Liquor Cabinet app. They aimed to provide a modern and reliable source for everything related to making alcoholic drinks. Also, the app includes a recipe library with mainly classic cocktails from an expert former head bartender and director of Maison Premiere bar in Brooklyn, Maxwell Britten. Furthermore, it also offers tips for using and storing ingredients, dishes, tools, and the history of drinks. Additionally, it serves as a guide to various liquor bottles. The Liquor Cabinet is a comprehensive app for anyone interested in the art of crafting cocktails.

The Liquor Cabinet
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Mixology is a great app with almost 8,000 drink recipes and over 1,000 ingredients. You can easily find your favorite drinks in its 87 categories or let the app surprise you with its Random category. It’s a fun and easy way to explore new and exciting cocktails. Also, it is one of the most trusted apps in the world. Many people use Mixology for making mocktails. You can also use and see if it works for you. 

PDT Cocktails

PDT Cocktails is the app from a famous New York City bar. It has 400 cocktail recipes, including 69 recipes for their special house-made ingredients. Just search for your favorite drink, check off the ingredients, and follow the simple instructions to make your own cocktail at home. Enjoy mixing and sipping your favorite drinks. Also, since this already has a name for being the choice of American bartenders, you have a glowing recommendation. Let us see if it works for you as well. PDT Cocktails is also mostly free. So go ahead and download it.

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