10 Great Reasons to Visit Houston, Texas

Visit Houston

Texas is known for its cowboy history, hot climate, unique landscapes, welcoming residents, and so much more. If you’re planning to visit Texas, we recommend heading to Houston, and here’s why.

The Weather is Glorious

Temperatures in Houston sit between 70-80 degrees for more than half of the year. The rest of the time sees lows of 41 degrees and highs of 62. The only time you’ll see temperatures dip lower is for two short weeks in January/February, when you’ll experience 32 degrees or lower. Unlike many other cities with extreme summers and winters, Houston’s weather is enjoyable all year around, even if you do have to deal with the high humidity.

The Architecture is Unique

Houston has an interesting range of architecture with plenty of historical buildings sitting alongside more post-modern ones. As well as taking a moment to gaze at the Uptown District skyline, make sure you visit Pennzoil Place and Rothko Chapel.

A Trip to Fit Low Budgets

Another reason to visit Houston is because the prices are cheap, which is surprising considering how fantastic and large the city is. According to Budget Your Trip, the average price of hotels in Houston is $86, and this doesn’t only account for 1–2-star establishments or undesirable neighborhoods. Additionally, the overall living cost is relatively low, which means you won’t be spending a fortune on dining out.

Once your trip has come to an end, you can still keep the expenses down with affordable transport to the airport and reasonably priced flights from Houston.

A Unique Culture

Houston is home to people from all over the world, and a whopping 145+ languages are spoken there. In fact, according to the 2020 US Census, more than 48% of residents speak a language other than English. This alone shows just how welcoming the Texan community is, which should bring comfort to any traveler wishing to visit Houston.

There’s also a certain edge and grit to the city, which is something that most Southern cities lack. You will find plenty of historical landmarks in Houston, but you will also benefit from feeling like you’re in the middle of a vibrant city. Houston is far beyond a tourist trap; it’s a hub for the arts, technology, and engineering.

A True Foodie’s Paradise

Foodie travelers, get ready for an experience you will never forget! The food in Houston is out of this world, and it’s largely thanks to the diverse culture. There are thousands of restaurants packed into Houston offering dishes from 70+ countries. In particular, there’s a heavy Louisiana presence here, with delicious Cajun-inspired dishes emerging following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, the city is renowned for its Tex-Mex, which goes well with a delicious margarita.

A Voyage for the Space Fanatics

If you can’t get enough of the vast blanket of space surrounding our planet, then Houston is a fantastic destination to visit. In particular, you should visit the NASA Space Center, which has more than 400 things to experience. According to their website, they have the biggest public display of Moon rocks and space suits. As well as this, you can take in the Gemini V, the Mercury 9, and the Apollo 17, which have all been into the depths of space.

A Beyoncé Super Fan’s Dream

Houston is a must-see destination for any fan of the Queen of R&B. That’s right, Beyoncé Knowles herself was born and raised in Houston. Even though Texas is traditionally associated with blues and country music, there are many Beyoncé tracks that reference Houston. For example, “I’m out that H-Town coming, coming down…” refers to Houston. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, she returned to support the people of Houston by serving them food.

There’s Plenty for Active People

Houston isn’t far away from the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it a perfect destination for more adventurous travelers. The areas surrounding Houston are perfect for hiking, especially if you’re willing to travel north to Same Houston National Park or the Big Thicket Preserve. These destinations are full of wild deer, stunning lakes, and towering trees, so spend as long as you want exploring the area.

When you pack your car for a trip to Houston, you’re most likely not considering loading your surfing gear onto the roof. However, the island of Galveston is located under an hour away, and it’s extremely popular for people looking to ride the waves. However, you should note that the waves can be inconsistent, but don’t let that put you off because you will have traveled along the renowned Seawall.

If you’d rather stay inside the city limits, then explore the city and make up for all the delicious food you enjoy by hopping onto a City Bike Tour. There are many different tours that will offer unique experiences and insights into Houston. However, our top pick is the Downtown History Tour, which will take you on a journey through the origins of the city.

There Are Plenty of Child-Friendly Activities

If you’re considering a trip to Houston with your children, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s plenty to see and do. Without turning this into a completely different article, we’ll just list our top picks for child-friendly activities:

  • The Space Centre
  • The Children’s Museum
  • Houston Aquarium
  • Houston Zoo
  • Hurricane Harbor Splash Town
  • Kemah Boardwalk

There’s a Decent Nightlife

For travelers searching for vibrant nightlife, you’ll be glad Houston made it onto your travel itinerary. From microbreweries bustling with hipsters to classy wine bars, there’s something to suit everyone. If you want a true experience, you should experience one of the many honky-tonks, which plays poorly-tuned country music and attracts a crowd that’s a little “rough around the edges”. Before WWII, the honky-tonk was born in Texas, but now it has become a pastime associated with the unique country style of the West.

Now that you understand why Houston should make it onto your bucket list, it’s time to dig a little deeper and start planning your next vacation.

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