Top 11 Celebrity Gossip Sites To Help You Catch Up on That Gossip

10 Celebrity Gossip Websites

Here are the top 10 celebrity gossip sites to help you catch up on that juicy bit of news you might have missed. Now, we all love a bit of spice to add to her daily schedules. Why not get it from the news websites that litter the internet dime a dozen nowadays. You will find most of them doling out unwarranted gossip. But still, many of them are quite the bombshell. Therefore, we recommend you to read on to find out which celebrity gossip websites are the best for you. 

1. TMZ

TMZ is known for being the first to report on the latest celebrity news. Its reporters and writers are quick and aggressive, often breaking stories before anyone else. They were the first to announce the news of Michael Jackson’s death, Mel Gibson’s drunk-driving incident, and share Rihanna’s police photos. TMZ’s speedy reporting has influenced the way celebrity news is covered and has made it a popular gossip site. Also, this is one of the most controversial websites in the world as well. We advise you to take all they report with a pinch of salt. 

2. E! Online

E! Online is a valuable source for exclusive celebrity videos. It offers a wide range of photos and video clips from various entertainment industries. Their dedicated Kardashian page is particularly popular, providing the latest news, photos, videos, and gossip about the famous family. 

In addition to the Kardashians, E! Online also features pictures and videos from Hollywood parties, celebrity hangouts, movie premieres, and awards ceremonies. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in staying up-to-date with the glamorous world of entertainment. Also, you can get a lot of high quality images and videos on this website. It is a treasure trove. 


3. People

For many years, People magazine has been a go-to source for behind-the-scenes interviews, candid photo shoots, and exclusive insights into the lives of celebrities, royals, and TV personalities. While some may question the frequency of their “exclusive” scoops, People is still regarded as a trusted provider of genuine news about celebrities. 

Their coverage offers a glimpse into the real stories behind the headlines, making it a popular choice for those seeking reliable information about the world of fame and entertainment. Also, you can head over there for a daily fix of celebrity gossip beyond the fluff. 

4. Page Six

The New York Post’s Page Six is a legendary gossip column that has been serving up juicy celebrity news and scandals for many years. It relies on a network of anonymous insiders in Manhattan who provide insider information. While it covers various types of celebrity gossip, its Celeb Sightings section remains popular. In this section, you can quickly find out where your favorite stars dined and partied the night before. Despite facing competition, Page Six is still the go-to source for a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of the rich and famous. Also, it is quite the consistent website. 

Page Six

5. Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton started as a regular gossip blogger, but as he became famous himself, he got closer to the glamorous world of celebrities. Despite his rise to stardom, he maintained his sharp and straightforward style, which his fans love. Now, he has insider access and shares exclusive information about Hollywood through leaked conversations and personal encounters. Because of this, Perez Hilton has become one of the go-to sources for people who want to know all about what’s happening in the entertainment industry. Also, this is a great tale of rags to riches. Perez had humble beginnings and he decided to make it large. 

6. US Weekly

If you love everything British and can’t get enough of the Royals, then US Weekly is the magazine for you. It has exclusive stories, glamorous photos, and the latest news about the famous family from across the pond. With a dedicated section on their website, you can stay updated on all things Royal. From Harry and Meghan to Kate and even the Queen herself, US Weekly provides a constant stream of stories, photo spreads, and exposes about the Royal Family. For those who can’t resist the allure of Buckingham Palace, this magazine is a must-read.

7. Dlisted

If you love snarky gossip, look no further than Dlisted. It’s one of the funniest and most reliable sources for all things celebrity. Michael K, the writer behind the site, never fails to deliver blistering and on-point commentary on celebrity mishaps. Whether it’s embarrassing photos, wardrobe malfunctions, or social media fails, Dlisted always finds a way to poke fun at the stars. If you enjoy a good laugh at a celebrity’s expense, this is the place to be. Also, who does not like a good laugh at celebrities. The high and mighty are always there for a good laugh.

US Weekly

8. PopSugar 

If you love seeing everyday photos of celebrities and keeping up with their news, PopSugar is the site for you. It offers a variety of topics, from serious to culturally aware to petty. So there’s something for everyone. You can find finance tips, celebrity gossip, makeup advice, and fashion trends with just a few clicks. PopSugar is a great source for staying informed and entertained at the same time. It provides a wide range of content to keep you engaged and up to date with what’s happening in the celebrity world. Also, you can head over there right now for some scandal and spice. 


If you enjoy celebrity gossip and want to be part of a lively community, ONTD is the place for you. It’s not just a news site, but a forum where members can share their opinions and engage in discussions about celebrity gossip. You can join thousands of like-minded fans and express your biting wit. ONTD is known for being among the first to break celebrity gossip stories, and its active community ensures there’s always something to talk about. It’s a great destination for those who want to stay updated and participate in the excitement of celebrity gossip.

10. Variety

Variety, the renowned movie industry trade magazine, is a must-read for movie stars, directors, and film moguls. They rely on it to get the latest information on casting, firings, real estate deals, and other exclusive Hollywood news. While other sites focus on celebrity drama and divorces, Variety provides a refreshing and professional approach to gossip. It offers a more in-depth perspective that appeals to those seeking a reliable source of insider information. With Variety, readers can take a break from the backstabbing and enjoy a more sophisticated take on the entertainment industry. Also, this is one of the most respected names in the business of gossip-mongering. 


11. HollywoodLife

The website was launched in 2009 and offers up-to-date news about celebrities and entertainment. It provides exclusive photos and videos, and also covers fashion, beauty, pop culture, women’s issues, fitness, and politics. Also, you can read a variety of articles and watch some videos whenever you want. There are many articles there right now. On almost every celebrity who is hot in the world right now. HollywoodLife is one of the best names in the business. You can check our claims right now by visiting the site. 

Other Sites

There are many other sites you can visit to get your fix of celebrity gossip. For example, X17 is one of them. What’s more, you can also get high quality videos and images on the site. Now, you can also go to The Hollywood Gossip for news about the A-list celebrities. You can read about their scandals, entertainment news, feuds and fashion going back to many years. If your hunger for gossip is not yet fulfilled, head over to It also contains a ton of news and articles about celebrities. There, we hope you are satisfied now. 

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