Griffin Arthur Fraser, The Son Of Brendon Fraser And Afton Smith

Griffin Arthur Fraser
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Griffin Arthur Fraser is a world-renowned celebrity kid. He is the son of Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith. He is mainly known in Canada due to his background. Peter Fraser, a former journalist is his grandfather. 

As a celebrity, he has quite a popularity to reckon with. There are many interesting aspects about him like his autism. 

Are you curious about this personality? So without any delay let us tell you more about him. We shall explore the different dimensions of his life here. People can clarify their queries about Griffin Arthur Fraser 2020 from here. 

Diagnosis with autism

Diagnosis with autism
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The celebrity child Griffin Arthur Fraser was diagnosed with autism early in his life. His father revealed this fact. He had to struggle a lot due to it.

There were endless issues arising out of autism. Mostly what happened was an impairment to conduct different daily activities both physically and emotionally. 

However, now Griffin Arthur Fraser was lucky as his family was constantly there for him. They supported him his entire life. There were no issues for him at all. 

Such a close family bonding helped him to overcome a large number of challenges in life including autism. That is what sets his family apart as countless autistic people never get support from their families.

Currently, both Brendan Fraser Griffin Arthur Fraser is noteworthy all around the world. 

Parents divorce

Initially, Brendon Fraser and Afton Smith had a very healthy marriage. They fell in love and got married back in the year 1998. They first met in 1993. The marriage lasted for a decade.

They divorced back in 2008. However, they gave their best to ensure that their children are not impacted due to it. Both of them shared joint custody here. But the children mostly lived with their mother.

Divorce related matters
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Divorce related matters

Brendon Fraser was instructed to pay 50000 dollars in alimony and 25000 dollars in child support each month. Back in the year 2013, he tried to lower this amount through court citing higher expenses.

However, he wasn’t successful in this. For this mandate to gain court recognition required an income of fewer than 3 million dollars a year. Since this was not the case, hence the agreement did not work out.

Father as an actor

Currently, Griffin Arthur Fraser age is about 20. He is thus quite a young boy. His father being such a famous actor has impacted him throughout his life.

Celebrities have difficult lives. They need to cater to both their personal as well as their professional lives. Overall the impact of his father on him was huge. He gained a lot of experience from him.

He respects his father immensely. As a celebrity child, he knows his boundaries. That is what sets him apart. He has never indulged in anything improper. His focus on propriety in different aspects of life is significant to reckon with.

Relationship with mother
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Relationship with mother

After their divorce, the children were mainly with their mother. They grew up in Connecticut. This bonding impacted Griffin a lot.

His bond was strong with his mother. Both his parents gave their best to raise him. Because of his medical difficulties, extra care was taken every step of the way. Such a thing is very rare in today’s world.


We thus explored here the different interesting aspects of the celebrity child Griffin Arthur Fraser. His personal life is a wonderful journey to reckon with.

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