Tips to Choose Solar Panels for your House

Solar Panels

It is true that solar energy has turned out to be a popular choice for various homeowners in the world. Since the cost of the electricity goes on to increase, smart consumers have realized that it is possible to take proper control of their energy bills and also save thousands of rupees by introducing a right type of solar power system to their home.

Of course, once you keep the right things in mind, you can get the best solar panels for home and ensure you get the perfect electricity and that too without spending through your nose. And if you are wondering why people go for this solar energy, then the point is simple, saving massive amount of money and contributing to the overall well-being of the environment makes the move to go solar a clear thing.  Well, if you have made up your mind to go for solar energy for your house, now keep the following things in mind to make sure you have the perfect solar panels for your space.

Performance of the Panel 

A solar panel simply converts solar energy into that of electricity. The point is how well a specific type of solar panel performs is the most crucial thing to consider when choosing solar panels. There are three prime specifications that describe the effectiveness of a panel.:

General Power Rating

Solar Panels are always rated by the complete sum or amount of DC power formed up under perfect conditions. Power ratings are decided in a laboratory and then referred to as a nameplate type of rating. Most of the panels are going to get a rating of 200 watts to that of even 350 watts and get used for different comparison reasons.

Check Power Tolerance

It is something that signifies the possible differences between nameplate rating and that of the actual production. It gets expressed as a kind of percentage.

Overall Efficiency

Then you need to find out how much of the solar energy taken up or absorbed by a panel is really converted into electricity. The highest possible rated efficiency is nearly around twenty percent with the normal being around 15%. The higher the efficiency the tinier an area is going to be needed to generate usable electricity.

Warranty Matters 

All of present day reputable solar panels are available with a warranty of minimum of twenty years. Things that you should look for in a warranty are not just the protection from overall failure of a specific panel but even guarantees of performance over the overall life of your panel.

Durability Aspect 

Of course, you know the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) formed up standards to qualify different solar panels that actually fulfil and meet minimum requirements for enduring the wear and tear that solar panels are going to be subjected to over their predictable lifetime. The two prime standards are wind as well as snow load. Remember that the higher the ratings, the better is going to be the expected survival rate in bad and even worse weather situations.


To sum up, once you keep these things in mind, you can make a perfect choice. You can look for solar panels at Loom Solar as they have the perfect options for you. It is a start-up, a manufacturer of solar panels as well as Lithium batteries. It has all the options for you, and everything is authorised and licensed.