Tips For Buying and Reusing Cards & Cardstocks

Little girl making Christmas cards on wooden background

Cardstock is a special kind of paper that is thicker and much more durable than regular paper. It’s much more versatile and lighter than paperboard & cardboard, which makes it ideal for crafting. It is also the finest option for paper crafts and card creation because it is thicker and stronger than ordinary paper.

This sort of paper is commonly used for letterheads, postcards, gaming cards, magazine covers, as well as craft supplies due to its strength. Its flat, shiny, metallic, or bumpy surface might be glossy, shimmery, or textured. It is also called cover stock, & it generally has a glossy covering on one or sometimes both sides and it is used particularly in business cards or album covers.

Here are some suggestions for finding low-cost cardstock:

Purchase Cardstock Sheets

Card blanks are pre-scored and folding cards that can be purchased ready to use. Card blanks are easy to use and can be used to rapidly create cards. But, they can be costly, and they frequently come with an enclosure that may or may not be used. 

Card stock and specialty paper for cards, tags, and die cutting are generally cheaper to make postcards from a piece of cardstock since simple white cardstock is accessible in DIY and book shops. By wringing more cards from a piece of cardboard and shrinking the size of the invitations, money is saved.

Having a neat fold is one of the secrets to designing appropriate cards. The best way to do this is to score the card paper before bending.

Make Cards in the Style of Postcards

Designing postcard-style envelopes are one of the finest ways to save costs when designing cards. These are some cards having artwork on one side and text on the other. This effectively reduces the amount of paper used as well as produces a beautiful card.

Reuse Cards and paper 

Saving money by repurposing is a terrific way to go. There are a plethora of items that would be ideal for making cards. Two sheets of paper can be pasted together with the printed side facing inwards, leaving a blank ground for imprinting. 

Old diaries are especially useful for this because they are frequently printed on thick card stock, which is great for stamping.

Recycle Envelopes 

Recycling envelopes is another method to save money. To make the envelope reusable, simply put tape over text and seals. This is a great method to save costs while also recycling items and preventing them from ending up in landfills.

Buy Old Packs of partly used postcard blanks that are occasionally available for purchase, or a maker may be moving home and getting rid of certain bits and ends. It is an excellent stocking up on card sheets.

Pro Tip:

Purchasing cardstock or card sheets in bulk is frequently the most cost-effective option. But, this can entail a large upfront cost or the purchase of card sheets that are rarely to be used. Teaming up with relatives or coworkers to save cash can be an excellent method to save expenses.