Gabriel Fernandez mother’s day card – son’s genuine love for his cruel mom

The Trials Of Gabriel Fernandez

Recently, Gabriel Fernandez mother’s day card has been the topic circulating on the internet. At first, it may seem like an innocent card done by a kid for his mother. However, it got everyone’s attention because it represents how much a kid, Gabriel, loved his mom even though she doesn’t deserve it. In fact, he made this heartfelt card just days before his worst mother tortured and killed him. Keep reading to know more about what he wrote on that card.

Who is Gabriel Fernandez?

Of course, Gabriel Fernandez is no big celebrity. He was just an ordinary 8-year-old kid. Well, that’s what a person will see at a surface level. But, he is a kid that wanted to be loved by his mother Pearl. On the other hand, his mother and her boyfriend killed him in an inhumane way. Consequently, both are serving the severest punishments by law.

The Trials Of Gabriel Fernandez

Well, if you saw the pictures, you will realise that this kid put in a lot of hard work to give something special to his mother. For starters, he told her that she was loving and beautiful in that card. Furthermore, he went to explain why she is special to him. Also, he drew a house on the front of the card. There, you can find the words of the boy “open the door to see who loves you” to his mother. Next, you can see Gabriel’s school picture in it. Moreover, he wrote that he loved her because she helps him.

Finally, the card had a special coupon for her that he drew. Well, it was to be used to have a special time for him and his mother. Surely, this shows that this kid never had any grudges even though his mother went beyond with her inhumane torture. Also, this shows that all that Gabriel ever wanted was his mom’s love.

What happened to Gabriel?

The truth is, this 8-year-old kid was repeatedly tortured by his mother and her boyfriend. Yes, they beat him, feed cat litter, kept him locked in a small cabinet, used to shoot at him with a BB gun, and even knocked out his teeth. In fact, his autopsy showed just how worst his condition was and the treatment he got from his mother, Pearl. They found that he had broken ribs, a fractured skull, and various burn marks on his body.

Well, the torture went on for a long time. On 22nd May 2013, he stopped breathing. That’s when Pearl called 911 and his case came to light. Later, he passed away.

The verdict

Of course, this is first-degree murder. For that reason, the court gave both Gabriel’s mom, Pearl and her boyfriend death sentence. However, Pearl pleaded guilty. So, she got life imprisonment for the torture and murder of her own son. Also, she has no possibility of parole. On the other hand, her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, the death penalty remains unchanged.

A documentary is available which shows just how much this young kid had endured due to his cruel mother.

Well, this is all there is about Gabriel Fernandez mother’s day card. Surely, no kid should face such an ordeal. For that reason, his story has become a centre of debate to reform childcare systems.

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