5 Creative Ideas That Perfectly Convey The Autumn Atmosphere In Photos


Autumn is a cozy time when you want most to wrap yourself with a warm and soft blanket, take a cup of cocoa in a hand, listen to lounge music or read an interesting book. And it’s a great time for photo shooting. Colorful leaves on the trees in the embrace of thick fog along with gray rocks and special shades of the sky inspire every creative person to take the camera and capture such beauty.

This aesthetically pleasing time gives many ideas for photos. But all that comes to mind are the usual shots you’ve seen a hundred times before. Actually, you want something new and creative. We share with you some exciting ideas which will be a breath of fresh air in your autumn shoots. And if you want to know what is ISO in photography, how it is used, and what camera settings you need to know to make quality pictures, read Skylum`s blog. 

Camera setting for the best pictures

First, consider working with the camera because it’s a basis. Going to the park, forest, mountains, canyon, or to other natural locations, remember the following moments:

  • White balance. It’s a useful instrument, especially during shooting autumn landscapes. You can experiment with this setting, depending on the weather and your wishes. For example, if you want to get warm light an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset, adjust the setting of the white balance to daylight. Also, you can get softer colors in the afternoon with the help of setting it to cloudy. 
  • ISO. You can’t do without this setting during photographing autumn nature. What is ISO mean? This option controls the amount of light that your camera lets in. It can make your photo brighter or darker. If you want to get a sharp picture on a sunny day, use the low ISO setting (200 and lower). Do you plan to shoot in the evening? The high ISO (400 and more) is suitable for this case. But be ready for the appearance of graininess. 
  • Special filters. They help to improve the quality of the picture. For example, a polarizing filter makes the blue sky color deeper and helps to avoid glare from the river or lake surfaces. And to equalize the exposure, use a density filter. 

Besides the camera, macro, and telephoto lenses take a tripod with you. This tool helps to fix the picture in the perfect focus. And don’t forget about the additional memory card, because the beautiful autumn weather will inspire you to making a lot of photos. 

We have considered ISO camera meaning and other useful moments related to photo equipment. Now let’s inspire by the 5 exciting ideas for the autumn photo shoot.  

#1. Point the lens up

If you always shoot straight, try an unusual angle, pointing the camera up. Thanks to this technique, trees visually seem taller and more majestic, and their leaves are depicted from a different perspective. All this on the background of blue sky with clouds looks to fascinate.

#2. The bright object in the shot 

Of course, trees covered with yellow, orange, and red leaves are an important object of autumn photography. But over time, shooting the same topic gets boring. So, look around, try to find another interesting object, and focus on them. A red bridge across the river, a waterfall, people on a boat, or even a hot air balloon are excellent examples of bright objects. 

#3. Autumn forest from a bird’s eye view

Are you looking for a creative angle? Go by car to the forest with colored autumn leaves. Stop where is a narrow road surrounded by trees on both sides. And then launch a drone up so that the camera was looking straight down, and both the forest and the road were visible in the frame. This way you’ll get an incredible photo from a bird’s eye view. 

#4. Elements of the fall 

In such shooting, you will show your creative desires at 100%. To embody the desired in the frame, you need:

  • decide on a topic or idea;
  • choose the appropriate sceneries;
  • find a good place for shooting. 

For example, you associate autumn with home comfort. In this case, you can put on a long sweater and knitted socks, sit on a plaid, put near you a small plate with macaroons, and take a cup of cocoa with cinnamon sticks.

Do you like flat-lay images? Collect everything that reflects your autumn mood, and then aesthetically decompose all this on the wooden floor. The plaid in a cell with fringe, colored leaves, some pumpkins, a cup of tea, and an opened book are a great combo. 

#5. Autumn landscape in the frame from a leafy heart

Do you adore autumn? Demonstrate it with help of a red leaf! Go where there are a lot of maples. Tear off one leaf and cut a heart shape in the middle of it. It will be your frame. Find an interesting place and attach the leaf to the lens so that the heart was visible in the foreground and the autumn beauty was in the background. Also, you can find yourself in the center of the frame by sitting on a plaid and throwing leaves up. 


Autumn is the time of year that you want to shoot again and again. Every year it fascinates with the bright colors of leaves, impressive contrasts, and play of textures. So, you want to shoot something new to see this impressive season from different angles. And Skylum`s blog can help you to know what is ISO in photography and some life hacks for using a camera, and by applying our ideas in practice, you will discover a new world of autumn photography.

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