Teruko Nakagami: The Wife Of Billy Dee Williams

Teruko Nakagami

A lot of people know Teruko Nakagami as the third wife of the US actor and novelist Billy Dee Williams. For those of you who want to know about Billy, let us tell you that he is also quite famous for his role as Lando in Star Wars. 

As it happens, when you become famous, the limelight also falls on your loved ones. So, the fans want to know more about Teruko, the third wife of Billy. In this article, we shall provide you with everything that you need to know about her life. For example, we will share a few riveting facts about her and her relationship with Billy. 

A Few Details About Teruko’s Life

The sources tell us that Billy’s wife Teruko is a Japanese American woman and she was born in Chicago, USA. So, the facts tell us that her original name was Irene. However, due to reasons, she changed her name to Teruko afterward, especially after meeting Shorter. The sources tell us that she tied the knot with Wayne Shorter in the year 1961, a few years before the birth of their baby Miyaki. As for Teruko Nakagami age, it’s around 75-76 years as the sources tell us. 

Furthermore, one should also note that when she was just six years old, someone sold her twin sister to a Japanese American internment camp in California. On this note, let us tell you that the situation of World War II relocated the Japanese to concentration camps. 

A Few Details About Teruko’s Life
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Relationship With Billy

Now that we know about Teruko (Irene) Nakagami, let us tell you about her relationship with Billy. So, the facts tell us that she exchanged vows with Billy, the US actor and novelist in the year 1972 after dating for some time. 

They first met each other in New York through close connections, i.e, friends. However, at that time, both of them had spouses. Despite that, their interests aligned and they became good friends. 

So, as we know, Billy is not the first husband of Teruko Nakagami 2019. Wayne Shorter was the first husband of Teruko as we know. For those of you who don’t know about him, let us tell you that he was famous as a US Jazz saxophonist. The couple met in the year 1961 and tied the knot in the same year. 

Both Billy and Teruko divorced their partners and started dating. Soon after that, they decided to escalate their relationship to marriage. However, after two decades of togetherness, they finally went their separate ways in the year 1993. According to the sources, it was an amicable parting. In other words, it wasn’t a ‘Messi Hollywood divorce’. 

Children Of Teruko

Children Of Teruko

Teruko welcomed her first daughter, Miyako Shorter with her first husband, Wayne Shortner in the year 1962. So, that’s why, we can say that as of 2022, she is around 59 years old. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that Teruko welcomed her second daughter, Hanako Williams in the year 1973. 

For those of you who want to know about Hanako Williams Teruko Nakagami, then let us tell you that she has tied the knot with Liam Toohey and living a very wonderful life with her two kids, Finnegan and Lucie.

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