Alex Fitzalan: Most Intriguing Aspects Of The Life Of His Life

The early life of Alex Fitzalan
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Alex Fitzalan is a widely known Australian actor. He played significant roles in his career. These include The Society where he was known as Harry Bingham and as Tom in Slender Man, which is a horror film.

Many people aspire to know about Alex Fitzalan the society actor. There is a wide-ranging curiosity surrounding him. It is rather natural because many people have a crush on this young actor. Some even love him for his acting skills. Some just swoon over him.

If you belong to any of the above categories, then you have arrived at the right place. The article will mostly explore the different aspects of the life of Alex Fitzalan. So go on to peruse this one for Alex Fitzalan stranger things with diligence if it interests you.

There will be many fascinating facts like Alex Fitzalan height discussed here. Readers can gain clarity from those.

The early life of Alex Fitzalan
Credit: daily motion

The early life of Alex Fitzalan

Alex Fitzalan was born in Australia. He belongs to the city of Brisbane. He was brought up there. Then from there, he came to California in the United States of America back in 2014. 

He reveals very little about his personal life. For example, we do not know many details about his parents. All we know is that his father was a government employee.

What might intrigue most readers is that Alex Fitzalan is currently not dating anyone. This surely will fascinate his countless female fans at large. Most importantly we could not even find much about his dating history. This might either mean he has no significant other or he might be very personal about it.

He was selected for Alfred Dolson. He then worked on to work on short films like Goodbye Kitty (2016), Season (2016) and I Miss You (2014) in a teenager’s role in the TV show “Yesterday Is History” in 2014.

In “Crash and Burn” he played the brilliant role of Steve Newman. He also appeared in the “Life” and “Get” series.

Net worth 

Often celebrities are very rich at large. Their net worth determines many important aspects of them. In the case of Alex Fitzalan we found that his net worth is about 450K US dollars. 

Favorite actors
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Favorite actors

Celebrities have their favorite actors to reckon with. In the case of Alex Fitzalan, it is Hugh Jackman among males and Margot Robbie among females. So this shows his choice is very much related to quality work at large. Being a celebrity himself he appreciates the best actors out there.


To sum up, we explored the different interesting aspects of the life of Alex Fitzalan in this article. Readers wondering about his height or dating history or net worth will find those answers here.

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1. How tall is Alex Fitzalan?

Many people tend to wonder about Alex Fitzalan height. For curious readers, we have researched that here. The height of Alex Fitzalan is 5 feet 9 inches.

2. How old is Alex Fitzalan?

Again, many users tend to think about how old is Alex Fitzalan. So those of you who are wondering about Alex Fitzalan age should know that he is 26 years old. He was born on 26 April back in the year 1996. So it is a pretty young age to reckon with.

Alex Fitzalan proves that age is never a bar when it comes to talent in the television industry. There are many youngsters out there in the visual industry these days and Alex Fitzalan is among the foremost of them.

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