Suunto Smartwatch Guide: Checking On Some Of The Top Suunto Sports Smartwatches

Suunto Smartwatch Guide Checking On Some Of The Top Suunto Sports Smartwatches

It was not long ago that you could only find a few watch manufacturers that offer excellent smartwatches. On the other hand, Suunto is a new smartwatch manufacturer that competes with other huge smartwatch manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Garmin. Here are some of Suunto’s top sport smartwatch collections.

Suunto 7 Black Lime

Suunto or Suunto Oy is a company from Finland that manufactures high-end compasses, dive computers, premium Suunto watches such as sports smartwatches and dive smartwatches. As of now, Suunto Oy is selling all its products to 100 countries, and it continues to grow.

For the year 2020, Suunto offers its latest sports smartwatches, and one of those sports smartwatches is the Suunto 7 Black Lime. The Suunto 7 provides over 70 sports modes, which is perfect for the sporty people out there. Also, it has free offline outdoor maps, wrist heart rate monitoring, 50 meters water resistance, and Google Play.

Suppose you never heard about Suunto watches before. In that case, it’s competing directly with other famous smartwatch brands on the market right now, such as Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit, Fossil, Huawei, and Tag Heuer. For more details about Suunto 7 Black lime, you can visit; they provide a comprehensive library of watches such as this one.

Suunto 3 Moss Grey

If you think that the Suunto 7 Black Lime is just too much for you to handle, then the Suunto 3 Moss Grey is worth considering. With a price tag of $300, this watch is an excellent value for money. If you’re the type of individual that does simple exercises, the Suunto 3 offers pretty plenty of features for you to use.

With Suunto 3, you’ll be able to enjoy impressive features. Such as adaptive training guidance, 24/7 activity monitoring, sleep quality tracking, stress and recovery, mobile notifications, heart rate monitoring, mobile GPS connection, and an astonishing 30 meters of water depth resistance. You’ll get more than what you paid with Suunto 3.

On the specification side of things, the Suunto 3 weighs at least 36g. Its bezel material is made of stainless steel while using a polyamide for its glass. Also, the strap is made of silicone, which offers excellent durability, especially if you do many workouts. Suunto 3 also provides a pretty average of 30 hours of battery life when using GPS most of the time.

Suunto 9 Baro Black

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty multisport GPS smartwatch that offers top-notch battery life with barometric altitude features, and if money is not an issue, the Suunto 9 Baro Black is the perfect sports watch for you. The Suunto 9 Baro comes with seven options: white, titanium, ambassador edition, titanium leather, Mercedez, Ironman, and black edition.

With a price tag of $900, the Suunto 9 Baro isn’t your typical sports smartwatch. However, you’ll get impressive features such as Intelligent Battery Modes, GPS Navigation, FUSEDTRACT, more than 80 sports modes, Heart Rate Monitoring System, 100 meters water resistance, Barometer, and weather functions.

On the technical specification side, the Suunto 9 Baro weighs 81g, which is pretty heavy but tolerable. Its case is made of glass fiber with a reinforced polyamide accompanied by a silicone strap. It has a stainless steel bezel and uses a top of line sapphire crystal glass in the front. Furthermore, the Suunto 9 Baro offers an impressive 14 days of battery life.


Here’s the final verdict for you. Suunto isn’t a cheap smartwatch manufacturer; however, it provides excellent features that you don’t usually find from other smartwatch manufacturers on the market right now. If you want to go away from the mainstream smartwatch brands, Suunto will be a perfect choice.

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