How Many Jobs Are Available In Precious Metals?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Precious Metals

The people working in the precious metals sector are very efficient and skilled in their job. Many industries are set up for business in this field. For example, blacksmithing, antique restoration, mining of precious stones and more. Some common precious metals that we know are gold, silver, iridium, and rhenium. Furthermore, there are more like ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, and platinum. Can you imagine how many jobs are available in precious metals if the industry is so widespread?

In the blog, we will talk about how many jobs are available in precious metals. The topic many of you are interested in. Apart from that, we will delve deeper into this field of profession in every way.  Do stay with us throughout the end.

What is the meaning of precious metals?

Precious metals are metals found underground which are of great value because they are rare. Besides, apart from being rare, they are extremely beautiful. Therefore the price is high.  People use it for jewellery making. Furthermore, the main metals which rule the market are gold, silver, and platinum. Other precious metals that have a great value in factories are iridium and palladium.

Gold, silver, and platinum are very valuable metals and people have considered them quite expensive. Besides, they have always been a major asset for the growth of any country and will continue to do so.

However, in the modern day, they are not used as a medium of exchange and do not have currency values. But we can still use it as investments and in industrial processes. In the modern day, gold and silver still are very valuable to investors and having those in your vault will save you in crucial times.

What career chances can you get in this industry?

We know that people know about precious metals and have used them for many thousand years. However, today we don’t see many people taking an interest in joining this industry. Perhaps people have yet not enlightened themselves about the perks of joining this sector. Though, that doesn’t mean there aren’t excellent opportunities available.

The following are some of the most common answers in case you are wondering how many jobs are available in precious metals.

  • Precious metal worker
  • Broker of precious metals
  • A Goldsmith
  • Quality control officer
  • A specialist in metal testing ad production
  • Adviser on precious stones and metals
  • analyst
  • Jewellery Specialist
  • Jewellery salesman, designer, or appraiser.

How many jobs are available in precious metals?

According to recent sources, there are around 32,400 employed precious metal workers in the United States. Furthermore, we see that it is a mere 0.02% of U.S. employment in 2022. We are already hearing that there is likely to be no change in the industry in the next ten to fifteen years.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports about 3,800 openings per year for precious stone and metal workers from 2020 to 2030. Each state has a different job scope in this sector because it depends on the availability of resources and raw materials.

The job of a precious metal worker?

We have answered your question regarding how many jobs are available in precious metals.  Now we will know the type of work that one has to do in this industry. They are:

  • Crafting and repairing precious metals
  • Selling of precious metals and stones
  • Analysis or appraisal of precious metals
  • To be an expert in a specific type of metal or stone

There are other types of jobs both skilled and unskilled in the industry. We have told you the basic ones.

Approximate salary of a precious metal worker?

According to the BLS, we learned that the average salary of a precious metal worker in 2021 was $46,640 per year. This means that it is $22.42 per hour. The salary scale will keep changing according to the qualifications an employee has.

What qualifications must you have to become a worker here?

Like any other job, the entry or basic level in this sector requires a high school diploma. Furthermore, things change from here. There are several training programs, degrees, and certification courses that you can finish for an upper-scale job.

Besides, if you have a college degree you can get into the precious metals industry at a  higher post. The best-paying jobs in precious metals need both experience and additional accreditation. The more the knowledge in the field, the better the opportunities.

If you think that your income is adequate, and you have good credits, then only you can get a personal loan to pay for your studies and move on more in the particular career course.

Can we conclude that a career path in precious metals is good?

There are many jobs in the precious metals sector. However, you have to be quite an expert in the different fields here to get a high-scale job. Otherwise, you will get a pretty basic scale.

We have answered your basic query of how many jobs are available in precious metals. However, a lack of proper qualifications can be a major disadvantage. The one way you can understand if you take an interest in this field is to participate in a small internship program and take up courses about it. We think this article will help you in every way you need.

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