iGaming Legislation For 2023- States Most Likely To Approve Online Gaming

iGaming Legislation

The iGaming or US online gambling industry is expanding at a rapid rate as the sources tell us. It’s mostly because of the new legislation at the State level that we are seeing this change. The dynamic form of iGaming and the USA always had a rough past. However, it’s now showing signs of a bright future owing to the new legislation for the states that we just mentioned earlier.

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If you want to know more about the iGaming legislation and how it’s going to affect the states in a good way, you are at the right place. We shall provide you with a brief picture of iGaming in the first place, and then move on to discussing the states that will probably approve online gaming in the near 2023.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this article and find out everything that you need to know about iGaming and the future of this mode.

An Overview on iGaming

An Overview on iGaming 

Well, it’s not that tough to explain iGaming but it’s also true that not a lot of people know about this. The industry also uses this term very few times to actually advertise it. However, if you want to know about it, then let’s just say, iGaming serves as an online gambling activity and it’s about the game of chance.

The iGaming includes Online poker, casinos, roulettes, and also lotteries. In short, it’s all about the game of chances where you have a chance to win some cash. Since it’s a game of chance, we also need to check the legal matters.

As we mentioned earlier, the future of iGaming in the USA is looking brighter than ever. Of course, it’s thanks to the new legislation.

One should also question the USA’s approach towards iGaming. It’s true that Europe and a lot of other parts of the globe had a favorable approach to this. That’s why, it even led to the creation of huge iGaming hubs, such as in Malta and Gibraltar. While you can still access these hubs from the USA, the legal approach didn’t allow you to have one in the USA. However, as we mentioned earlier, things are finally beginning to look great thanks to the new forms.

A Summary Of 2022 Online Gambling Expansion

First of all, it’s a fresh start for the US legislatures for the iGaming in 2022. The gambling expansion has become a hot topic. People did put a lot of effort to legalize it. One should note that Connecticut was one of the very first to legalize it in 2021. Michigan has also launched it in 2021. Kentucky, New York, North Dakota, Missouri, etc also showed a lot of promise.

Now, it’s worth noting that the next year will surely become a hopeful landscape for all the bills. The momentum rating of the States is a great way to see the current progress as well. So, if you are curious about it, then we shall take a look at them.

The States With Active Online Gambling

Online Gambling

iGaming or active online gambling in the US will finally see a great market in different states. From early 2022 to the late year, we have a lot of legislative sessions. Some of them have either just started or haven’t started yet as well. However, the craze for online casinos has peaked most certainly.

The ranks or ratings tell us a lot about the current state of the legislative sessions for each state. O means that the bills have already passed. On the other hand, A shows great promise. The ‘B’ rating shows a favorable momentum but there are some hurdles as well that one needs to overcome. C on the other hand connotes uncertain prospects. D and X connote unlikely prospects. So, let’s take a look at some of the states with favorable momentum.


The current bills HB 3142/SB 2064 for Illinois show a B momentum for the next year, 2023. As per the sources, online casinos and poker will come to Illinois sooner or later.  The internet gaming act or IGA (HB 3142) looked promising in some respect.

In addition, the SB 2064 bill can also make the process a bit smoother. Well, as per the sources, the authorities ended the season on 9th April 2022. However, there’s good news that the sponsors will most likely resume the push next year and it will have a better chance of success.


Next on the list for a state with favorable momentum is Kentucky. Well, it has a B ranking and for many years, this state is trying to legalize online sports, like betting and poker. It was a rough road for them this year, 2022. However, it seems that with HB 606 bill, the next year will become a turnaround for this State.


Up next on our list, we have Lowa, a dark horse in the iGaming race. In Lowa, we shall probably soon see iGaming allowed in the state, considering the fact that Illinois is getting likely to get a regulated market next year. The expansion of gambling in Illinois is one of the many reasons why Lowa will like to realize its own mobile sports betting industry.


In this list we can see the name of Maryland as well. As per the sources, Maryland has managed to pass a sports betting bill in the year 2020.

Of course, it required them to get a referendum, which they did. iGaming could get great public support as this incident promised. However, due to COVID-19, things didn’t go great for them. However, this year, 20220, is a year of election. So, there’s a high possibility that we can finally see iGaming coming to Maryland.


At the end of the day, we can see that iGaming has a bright future in the USA. With so many States with favorable momentum, we can see it coming in the near future for sure.