Things To Know Before Getting Smiley Piercings Jewelry Near Me

smiley piercing near me

The reason the smiley piercing got its name is that it can only be seen when you smile. For individuals who prefer an oral piercing that is less obvious than other lip and mouth piercing types, the subtle surprise makes smiley piercing a delightful option. Many people are unable to receive this piercing because the frenulum is so tiny. The thinness of the skin makes it more likely to be rejected or pulled off. Before deciding to get a smiling piercing for yourself, it’s crucial to understand the complete procedure because this piercing isn’t for everyone. Here is all the information you require.

You might assume that this piercing would pain less than other piercing kinds because the frenulum is so thin. In truth, piercings through denser tissue usually cause less discomfort than those via thicker skin. While piercing your frenulum, you’ll experience quick, acute pain. The majority of people claim that the smiling piercing hurts less than a cartilage piercing and more than other forms of lip piercings. If you are interested in getting this piercing, search for smiley piercing near me, so that you will find the best place to get your piercing.

The Process of Smiley Piercing Healing.

You should plan on healing taking 4 to 12 weeks. Even though the mouth has a high concentration of bacteria, it heals quite quickly, so proper aftercare is essential for accelerating your recovery. The smiley piercing doesn’t have a particularly challenging healing process. Maintaining good oral hygiene and avoiding jewelry snags will be your biggest challenges. Here are some suggestions to aid you in the healing process. 2–3 times per day, rinse your mouth with a saline solution or a sea salt rinse. You can’t perform a saline soak on the smiley piercing as you would with other piercings because of where it is. Instead, use a saline or sea salt rinse to rinse your mouth, taking extra care to soak the frenulum region.

You can buy rinses designed specifically for oral piercing aftercare at a store. Additionally, you must continue practicing good dental hygiene as you recover. When eating, use caution. When it comes to eating, the happy piercing’s location may require some getting used to. You don’t want to irritate or snag your piercing, but it may be challenging to avoid snags because the initial jewelry must be substantial enough to account for swelling. To get used to the new jewelry, limit yourself to mild foods for the first several days. 

smiley piercing jewelry

Don’t mess with the smiley piercing jewelry, please. Never attempt to touch a healing piercing. In addition to your hands harboring harmful bacteria, moving the jewelry too much could result in piercing rejection. Additionally, you must be careful to avoid playing with your jewelry with your tongue. It will be tempting because you won’t be used to the new piece, but you must consciously decide to refrain from wearing jewelry while you heal.

The Different Styles of Smiley Piercing.

This piercing’s best feature is the jewelry that flashes when you smile. You’ll probably be given a captive bead ring when you first get pierced. These hoop designs are simple to insert, which makes them a well-liked option for beginners. When you smile, a small bead will show beneath your lips. After your wounds have healed, you can select captive bead rings with gemstones for more glitz. Another common style is circular barbell jewelry. This piercing really stands out when you smile because of the two beads at the end. A seamless ring is your final jewelry option. For those who selected the smiley piercing due to its finesse, this is fantastic.

  • Captive Bead Rings

A captive bead ring (CBR) should be a staple in the jewelry collection of anyone with piercings. The traditional style appears as a straightforward hoop with a bead that secures your body jewelry firmly in place, allowing for an effortless fit in a beautiful yet useful design. Such a necessity calls for long-lasting, high-quality materials. With FreshTrends, there’s never any uncertainty about the quality of the materials you can anticipate because you know that every piece is produced from solid 14k gold or platinum, is always internally threaded, and has hand-selected and expertly cut gemstones.

  • Circular Barbells

The horseshoe barbell commonly referred to as a round barbell is equally functional as a hoop but has a distinct appearance. The circular barbell design, which has two beads on either end, gives you the chance to display a variety of bead designs.

The cons of getting Smiley Piercing

Due to the frenulum’s natural thinness, many people are unable to have this area pierced. Your piercer can recommend other piercings if your frenulum isn’t the appropriate size. If you have braces on right now, you ought to postpone getting a smiling piercing. Although it has been done, it is best to wait until the hazard has been eliminated because braces are simply one more item that your new jewelry can snag on.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How long does it take for a smiley piercing to heal?

Expect the healing process to take 4 to 12 weeks. Since the mouth heals quickly despite having a high concentration of bacteria, proper aftercare is crucial for hastening your recovery.

  • What is a smiley piercing?

An inner lip piercing called a smiley (sometimes referred to as a lip frenulum piercing) goes through the tiny layer of skin that binds your upper lip to the top of your gums. By keeping your lips closed and lifting your tongue in front of your teeth, you may feel this piece of tissue. Because it is most noticeable when you smile, this piercing is known as the smiley piercing.

  • How bad does a smiley piercing hurt?

The Smiley piercing, however, is one of the least painful and even among the most tolerable. The reason is straightforward: Because the skin is relatively thin and there are few nerves ends there, it is less painful than, say, a cartilage piercing.

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