Why Solo Cu Koozies Are Interesting Products For Businesses

solo cup koozies

Among the plethora of options businesses have in the class of promotional products, solo cup koozies are quite interesting and highly sought after. A lot of businesses are investing in Solo Cup Koozies to give a boost to their marketing efforts, increase the customer base and speared the awareness regarding their products and services. Here are a few characteristics of solo cup koozies that make them interesting and valuable in the eyes of businesses that have set their eyes on product promotion.

Solo cup koozies are low cost products

When you wish to order for solo cup koozies to promote your products, you need not spend a fortune. Solo cup koozies cost very less and when you order for them in bulk quantities, you can still land on a good bargain.

They can be easily transported and stored

Since solo cup koozies are light weighted and highly flexible, they are very easy to pack and transport. Even when you handle bulk quantities of them, you will not need to worry about the difficulties involved in storing them or the articles getting damaged.

People love to use them

Solo cup koozies are highly desired by people, when you give them away free of cost to people as gifts, people accept them eagerly as they can be used in daily lives.

Solo cup koozies have several uses

Slipped on to the glasses meant to store and dispense liquid contents, solo cup koozies have many uses once they are on the glasses or cups. Since solo cup koozies are made of materials with insulating properties, they help preserve the temperature of the stored contents whether you distribute cold or hot drinks. Your fingers get added grip to hold the glasses with the solo cup koozies on them while otherwise the glasses can be slippery with the risk of being slipped out of hands. Since the koozies do not conduct temperature, you will find it easy to hold the glasses with the fingers guarded from the extreme temperature of the stored contents.

They are easily printable

It is very easy to print on solo cup koozies due to the nature of their materials. You can design an attractive matter to be printed on them with your logo, product and company name. The printed content can help disseminate the information about your company and products to the general public thereby giving a boost to your product promotion efforts.

You can custom make solo cup koozies for your requirements

While the most popular choice of material for solo cup koozies is neoprene, some other choices are also possible. In addition, you can choose the color in which they are manufactured. Go for a color that will give a fitting background to the matter to be printed on them so that the outcome is attractive, readable and impressive.

They can be manufactured quickly

Whatever be the quantity of solo cup koozies you will order, they can be manufactured easily to be ready well in time for your upcoming product promotion campaign.

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