Simple Haircuts For Toddler Boys in 2021

Haircuts For Toddler Boys

To begin with, toddlers are cute little human beings. Even more, toddler boys look attractive in all haircuts. Yet, here in the article, we have listed the seven best toddler haircuts for boys.

Read through the article to find out more about different haircuts for toddler boys.

Top seven haircuts for toddler boys in 2021

1. Short hair

The first haircut that we will be discussing today is a simple short haircut. Even more, this haircut looks beautiful on all toddler boys. Furthermore, the haircut is simple to maintain. However, when choosing this haircut make sure it suits your little man.

Further, for doing this haircut follow these simple steps:

  • First, comb the hair of a toddler
  • Then part the hair to one side. Make sure the side you choose looks good on his face
  • Finally, cut the hair short but not very short. So, that you can create a messy side fringe style on the toddler.

2. Crew Cut

The second best haircut for toddler boys is crew cut. Even more, this type of haircut is suitable for boys with thick hair. Further, the haircut is done in like fashion as the adult’s style. Also, boys with thick hair will look good in this haircut. It is because thick hair will give a good volume to the haircut.

Steps for crew haircut are as follow:

  • First, comb the hair of a toddler
  • Then cut the sides of the hair short
  • Later, leave a thick and long part of the hair at the top.

Also, the crew haircut is versatile. It is suitable for boys of all age groups.

3. A short and spiky haircut

The third haircut that we will be discussing today is short and spiky. A short and spiky haircut is easy to set and maintain. Even more, they add a style to adorable toddlers. However, a short and spiky haircut is suitable for boys with thick and straight hair.

Steps for getting a short and spiky haircut are as follow:

  • First, comb the hair of the toddler
  • Then using number two clippers start cutting the hair.
  • Even more, careful while cutting the hair short. Make sure it blends all around.
  • Lastly, after the cut, it is left alone. However, if desired the hair can be styled.

4. Haircuts for curly hair toddlers 

The fourth type of simple haircut for toddler boys is a curly haircut. Usually, toddler boys look adorable with curly hairs naturally. Even more, curly hair boys are very charming. Further, their hair can be styled with a proper haircut and products.

Some of the best haircuts for curly hair toddler are as follow:

  • First keeping it natural, with loose curls falling over the forehead
  • The next haircut is medium style haircut. Medium style haircut adds volume and style to the toddlers
  • Lastly, using curl enhancing products to make it look stylish.

5. Haircut for toddlers with long hair

The fifth type of haircut for toddler boys deals with long hair. Even more, it is common these days to see toddler boys with long hair. The best of long hair is that it can be styled and cut in different styles. Furthermore, long hair toddlers are very attractive and charming.

List of haircut that suits toddler boys are as follow:

  • First is a haircut with a side part. Even more, toddler boys with long hair look good in haircuts with side parts.
  • The second is adding layers. Yes, long hair toddler boys can include some layers in their haircut. Long layers add volume to the hair and a flow. Also, long hair toddlers with these two haircuts are easy to maintain.

6. Ivy league crew cut and spiked front

In the first place, Ivy League haircut is popular among toddler boys. Even more, there is hardly any toddler who looks bad in this haircut. Also, an Ivy League haircut adds style and a finish to the overall look of the toddler boy.

Also, barbers love cutting the hair of the toddler in this style. But it is difficult to maintain an Ivy League haircut on a toddler. However, with a little practice and the right products, it can be done.

7. Comb Over fade haircut

The last haircut in our article is the comb over fade Haircuts For Toddler Boys. Even more, this type of haircut is classic and looks good on all toddlers. Also, comb over fade haircut goes well with any type of hair. Furthermore, irrespective of long, short, thick or fine hair, go for this style.

Steps for comb over fade haircut area as follow:

  • First, comb the toddler hair to a side by parting it
  • Next, make you leave the long hair perfectly on the top
  • Then, shave the surrounding to add a complete look

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, the article talks about seven different haircuts for toddler boys. Though not all the haircuts can be done at home it is doable. Even more, hire a professional barber to achieve your desired style.

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