Shower Standing Handle – Full Purchase Guide for Shower Grab Bars

Shower Standing Handle

Stepping in and out of the shower might be dangerous for some people. A shower standing handle or grab bar can make bathing safer for everyone. Shower grab bar are supportive items that attach to the walls of a shower. They are available in a variety of sizes, strengths, and installation options to meet a wide range of needs. In this article we have discussed on how you can choose the best one for yourself.

How Does A Shower Standing Handle Helps?

Shower standing handles are an important safety component in every bathroom. They offer a safe and simple technique to maintain your balance while bathing. They also serve to keep you safe in the shower by preventing slips and falls. 

If you take showers on a daily basis, you understand how essential it is to have a strong grip on your shower head.  A shower with a standing handle is the safest way to take a shower. This sort of handle lets you to stand up while showering. It also enables you to move freely without the worry of slipping or losing your footing.

Shower Standing Handle

It is best for you if you have problems standing in the shower. This will give you stability and support while you shower. There are many shower standing handles accessible, so you can select one that meets your requirements.

Choose the Best Material and Build According to Your Needs

Shower standing handles are available in a variety of forms and materials, allowing you to pick one that meets your needs and choices. Some are composed of plastic, while others of metal or wood. You can also locate adjustable handles to adjust the height to your specific requirements.

One of the benefits of shower standing handles is that they give you more stability while showering. A handle might help you stay secure and avoid falls if you have problems staying upright or holding your balance. They’re particularly useful if you suffer from arthritis or other diseases that make it hard to grasp typical towel hooks or grab rails.

Before purchasing the handle, measure the area where it will be installed. You should also check the handle’s weight limit, as certain models can only hold up to 250 pounds. Finally, drilling through tile or other surface materials may be required during installation. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, hire a skilled handyperson or contractor.

The Various Shower Standing Handles Types

Shower standing handle come in a variety of styles, each with special advantages.

  • The suction cup handle that can be mounted to any smooth or non-porous surface is the most popular form. Because it can be used without gripping or holding onto anything, this handle is perfect for anyone with limited mobility.
  • Grab bars are another common style of shower standing.
  • The third form of shower standing for people who have trouble balancing is the balance bar.
  • Finally, hand-held showers are an option for people who require extra assistance when taking a bath. Near the sink, hand-held shower can be installed on the wall or a countertop. These showers are perfect for people with sensitive skin or limited movement since they provide the users more command over the water flow and temperature.

How to Select the Best Standing Shower Handle?

There are a few factors to think about when selecting a shower standing to ensure you get the perfect one for your needs. We’ll go over certain important elements to consider while looking for a shower handle below.

Standing Shower Handle

  • The material of the handle is significant for longevity and comfort. The majority of handles are constructed of plastic or metal, however wood and other materials are also available. If you have delicate skin, choose a material that will not bother it.
  • Make sure to select a size and shape that is easy for you to hold. Some handles are made to fit bigger hands, whereas others are made to fit smaller hands. When choosing, you should also consider the weight of the handle.
  • Another essential factor to consider is the polish of the handle. You should select a finish that matches the rest of your washroom hardware and fixtures. There are many various finishes to choose from, so take your time browsing until you find one you like.
  • Installation might be simple or hard depending on the type of handle you use. If you’re not comfortable with tools or DIY projects, choose a model that doesn’t require any drilling or cutting. Otherwise, carefully follow the guidelines to avoid destroying your walls or tile work.

How to Setup a Shower Standing Handle?

Determine the position where the handle will be installed. Make sure it is conveniently accessible and has enough room around it for you to comfortably grasp the handle. Then, drill or screwdriver pilot holes at those specific place in the wall.

The provided screws should be placed into the pilot holes and firmly tightened. Finish by screwing in the shower handle and testing it to make sure it is secure. That’s all there is to it, really.  You can quickly and easily install a shower standing handle to greatly improve your showering experience. If you know what you’re doing, tightening a loose shower handle that won’t stay up can be simple. 

However, if you need to learn more about the procedure, it can be time-consuming and difficult. You can attempt to tighten the screw on your shower handle if it is already loose by using a set of pliers. All you have to do is use the pliers to grip the screw’s head and then twist it clockwise

Advice for Using the Standing Shower Handle

  • Before using, make sure the handle is firmly attached to the wall.
  • To avoid slipping, wet your body and wash yourself with soap before touching the handle.
  • After washing, thoroughly rinse.
  • To avoid rusting or harming the handle, allow it to dry completely before removing it from the wall.
  • When not in use, keep the handle in a dry, safe place.
  • Check the handle on a regular basis for signs of damage and corrosion, and replace it as needed.
  • Following these guidelines, adopting it can be a safe and simple method for keeping your hygiene in check.


It’s an important addition to any washroom. It provides the support you need to shower without fear of slipping and falling. This also makes it easy to get to those difficult-to-reach locations. It is important considering if you want to make your shower more open or add an extra level of safety.

Standing Shower Handle can also help you maintain your bathroom clean and neat. There will be no more dirty towels on the ground. Everything will be in reach, and you will no need to be concerned about losing your balance.

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