An 11 year extension of 331 million dollars is finalized between Rafael Devers and the Red Sox

Rafael Devers
Credit: USA today

According to reliable sources, Rafael Devers is getting an extension on his contract. The third baseman of the Boston Red Sox team will be there for about 11 years more. This is by far the longest extension of a contract to reckon with. Thus it has left a considerable impact on the overall American as well as a global sporting community.

The unique agreement

The agreement comes at times when it is difficult for Red Sox overall. The team is facing an arduous winter and this has to be noted with due diligence. Xander Bogaerts was lost to San Diego. On the other hand, star right-hander Mookie Betts was lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Thus it is evident that the team was facing loss from multiple ends.

Under such circumstances, the extension of Rafael Devers contract comes as a breath of fresh air. It gives overall hope to the team at large.

The unique agreement

Duration of the contract

The contract duration matters a lot. It stipulates the different parameters to reckon with. Hence let us now see what is stipulated in this contract.

The contract in this case will start in 2023. It will then go on to end in the year 2033. The earlier one-year 17.5 million dollar deal signed earlier in the week will be then superseded. This is done to avoid any kind of arbitration in the long run.

Red Sox offered Devers a contract that was significantly longer than Manny Ramirez’s eight-year deal. Hence this is a very interesting fact to reckon with here. Even more interesting is the fact that it is more than 50 percent larger than David Price’s $217 million. Thus it convinced the two-time All-Star to accept leading the team. It was done out of last place in the American League East and back into contention.

Background of Rafael Devers

Rafael Devers has an illustrious background to reckon with. Devers made his Boston debut in 2017. Then at the age of 20, he quickly demonstrated why baseball scouts adored his bat so much. His left-handed swing was ideal for Fenway Park at large. It was where he hit home runs. He also doubles off the Green Monster and into the right field. 

Devers’s insight has only increased over time and this has to be noted with due diligence. He hit a career-best. 295/.358/.521 with 27 home runs, 88 RBIs, and an OPS+ of 141 in 2022.

Background of Rafael Devers

Statement of Rafael Devers

According to a statement by Rafael Devers  after the season ended we find that :

“I’m not very happy with my season overall, I think I can give much more than that. I think I can improve those numbers. I don’t really like to get injured and that’s something that happened this year. I’m not that guy. So the second half is not the second half I expected to have.”

Why does the contract matter?

There are many reasons why this contract matters for both Rafael Devers as well as the Boston Red Sox Team. The most important reason is that Rafael Devers is in his prime currently. We all know that players tend to perform their best in their respective primes. Hence the deal was anything but imminent.


What is even more interesting is that he has his glorious years ahead of him. Albeit it is difficult to predict gaming performance trajectory, we can say for sure that it will be an interesting ride. The contract has ensured this with precision.

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