When is Shark Week 2022? Discovery Channel: Schedule, Highlights and How to Stream

Sonic Shark Week Slush
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Shark Week is back once again and it’s better than ever! The show is incredibly popular and now it’s back once again to entertain you. Now, the question is, when is shark week 2022 coming in first place? The sources tell us that the show’s first episode premiered on 24th July 2022. So, if you didn’t catch up, then it’s time to do it now. 

This year’s shark week was incredible and if you didn’t watch it till now then you should definitely do it. On the other hand, if you already did, then you probably know what we are talking about. So, as we know, it’s Dwayne the Rock Johnson who has hosted Shark week 2022. 

Shark Week is available on the Discovery Channel for you to watch. Moreover, it’s worth noting that this is the 34th Annual edition of the show which promises a lot of positives. This time, as we said, The Rock has hosted the things. 

Now, if you want to know more about the Shark Week, like what’s it all about, and when is shark week 2022 coming up, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the key points about Shark Week and find out why it’s so popular in the first place. So, let’s go through this article and find out the answer for yourself. 

When Is Shark Week 2022
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When Is Shark Week 2022?

A lot of people are asking when is Shark week 2022 coming. Well, Shark Week 2022 is a very popular show and that’s why people are quite crazy about it. In case you didn’t know already, the show focuses on sharks. Apparently, the show airs on Discovery channel and the 34th Edition has already aired on 24th July. 

In other words, if you want to know when the show is going to air, then let us tell you that it has already aired from July 24 to July 30, 2022. Don’t worry because it now gives you an option to binge through the whole series. This is like enjoying the series in one sitting. 

How To Watch Shark Week 34th Edition?

A lot of people who have missed out on the show on Discovery Channel want to know how they can watch it again. Well, don’t worry because we have some good news for you shark fans. You can watch the show Shark Week 2022 on Discovery Plus, Philio, DirectTV stream, and also on other platforms. Don’t forget to check out the offers of Discovery Plus because recently they offered a two-month subscription for only 99 cents. The regular price for Discovery plus is 4.99 USD a month. Once you subscribe, you can enjoy the show to your heart’s content. 

Shark Week 2022
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Shark Week 2022

Of course, there are a lot of people who probably have an obscure idea about this show. If you are one of them, or someone who doesn’t know what this show is all about, then let us tell you. So, Shark Week, as the name suggests, is a show that revolves around sharks. It’s also a week-long docufiction about Sharks and the purpose of this show is to eradicate the fear of sharks. 

The first Shark Week show premiered back in July 1988. Since then, it has been in continuous production, and every year we get a new edition. 2022 makes it the show’s 34th edition. So, this year’s Shark Week includes a lot of thrilling events. The events include The Dawn Of The Mako, The Haunting Of Shark Tower, Great White Open Ocean, Jackass Shark Week 2.0, Sharks! With Tracy Morgan and, Impractical Jokers Shark Week Spectacular.

Sonic Shark Week Slush

It’s great news for Shark Week fans that Sonic Drive-in is now bringing back the Sonic Shark Week slush for a limited time to celebrate the 34th edition of Shark Week. It’s a perfect treat for all the shark fans out there. This slush with its tropical fancy and a layer of real strawberries and shark gummy candies provides you with the ultimate delight. 

Sonic Shark Week Slush
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  • What Is Shark Week 2022?

Shark Week is the ultimate delight for the shark fans out there. It’s a show that revolves around sharks for a week. 

  • When Is Shark Week 2022?

It aired on Discovery Channel on 24th July this year.

  • Who Has Hosted This Year’s Shark Week?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

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